The Stories of Vigilatum

These are stories from Vigilatum, including the war between the Dragonlords and The Shadows.


1. The Creation of the Dragons

Vigilatum is an island about the size of England. In the sea between Greece and Libya, but it isn't visible. Well it is, but only to those of the Natural World. But we are of the Technology World, you can gather why it's called that, hense the title. We rely on Technology, and Electricity. But the Natural World is the complete opposite. They found another source to use, Magic. It's completely natural. Mother Nature gifted it to the Human race, but there was one problem. The Humans couldn't handle such power, and Wars began. So Zeus hand crafted a creature the first three males Dragons, and for each of them, a mate. Two Dragons left with their mates, and thanked Zeus. But the third was not pleased. He was outraged infact, and he left with his mate. And he asked the other two join him in rebelian, but they refused. The third Dragon then forced his mate to lay egg after egg, he wanted an army. His mate died after 20 years of this, but by then. He had 23 sons and 13 daughters, and obviously. That wasn't enough, so he forced his children to have children. This has been going on for thousands of years, but one female, didn't want what her great ancestor wanted. And she fled, this Dragon's name was Vala. And little did she know, that her only child, was the one to stop all of this. Her daughter, Kamalia, was the Dragon of the most famous Dragonlord of all time. Erica Bluewater...

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