My fair lady

My fair lady i hold you so dear.
My fair lady for you only i cheer.
My fair lady only you i fear.

My fair lady is a spy infultrating homes. But what happens when she falls in love with her enemy???


3. ~Break time~

"Sup lazy ass?" I asked my boss or 'father' whatever you want to call him. But he found me when i was in nead. He thought i had potential and helped me change my name and give myself a new life. I took my wig and the trampy makeup that had made me Mr. Fisher's wife. NOw i was same old same old me. With red hair and dark skin. Ratchet is our leader, he was checking out somebody on his computer surround screen. I stepped under it and looked around inside. Some guy called Robert, sleez bad like the others. 

Has a son named Hayden looked the same age as me (twenty) good lokking guy. "Don't call me lazy or i'll make you lazy!" He empty threatend. I punched his shoulder. "Next vic?" I asked pointing at the picture of Robert. He nodded slowly. "Child abuser, including his son." He added grimly. I looked at this guy with horror in my face imagining how he beat his son. I looked more  closely at Hayden and found what i was looking for. A scar on his cheek and bruse on his arm. His eyes pointed at trauma, maybe sexual abuse? 

"Turn it off! I'm on vacation and i don't want to watch this sh!t." I said going out and then i heard him come too. "i know, i hate these scumbags too. Maybe even more then you. That is why we do this, you know that. I guess this is the price we haft to pay." He sighed deeply and massaged my shoulders. "You are the youngest we have but still nothing gets in the way of your bravery. " He mused aloud and went over to make coffee. 

He knew how i liked it, dash ofcream with two sugar cubes. He always made it while we waited for the others to come 'home'. Not exiting not boring but just awkward. Easy to missunderstand, in some moments he was the father i never had. In others the kind fair boss i work for. Never the same person at once. Sometimes even he gets them mixed up  like now. I could feel him deciding wich one to be. I almost saw his confused expression on his mind. I waited paitiently until i knew he had decided. 

His mouth opened but before the question came out the door opened with the lock. This ment the others are home, i am saved from awkwardness once again. "YO SUP PEOPLES?!" Anthony shouted threw the hole room. I lughed and went over to him to punch his shoulder. "Nothin' same as always." I replied as Nora came threw the door. "Last time i ever pretend to date him again." She pointed to Anthony and made a gagging gesture. I laughed. "Cant blame ya'" I said giving her a hug, she was holding bags of food from her turn of shopping. I helped her take them to the kitchen. WHile we kooked i heard Anthony and 'boss' fighting in the 'livingroom' same as always.

It really did seem like a family when it was like this. I don't want to think of it any other way. It would ruin the whole image i had spent years creating. "Sorry about your job, bad luck eh?" I said after wahsing the cucumber. She laughed "I'm just kdding it wasen't so bad. Not as bad as yours, sorry you had to go threw those months sis." She said with a sigh squeezing my shoulder. She had the image too, i was her sister. Anthony and 'boss' wher not really anything in any case we had to work with them. Then the image would be ruined. For example right now when Nora had to play Anthony's girlfreind. That would have been awkward if they thought of each other as siblings.

I sighed, at least i will always have this. These moments of family, the one i didn't have. The one that was taken away from me. The one i plan to avenge... 

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