My fair lady

My fair lady i hold you so dear.
My fair lady for you only i cheer.
My fair lady only you i fear.

My fair lady is a spy infultrating homes. But what happens when she falls in love with her enemy???


2. ~A grave for a fool~

I looked around at all of these...these...suckers. All of them fooled buy this dead idiot, low life, con artist, scamming people for everything they own and then holding it against them till they practicly sell their soul. All of them wearing nothing but  black veils and black formal clothes. Even in this rain he wasn't treated badly enough for what he done. All the lives he ruined. Even i, playing the part of his fionce, was pretending to grieve along with the rest of them. 

They sang and most of them did cry. I can't belive after all he did, his family still want to be here in the same letting everyone know they where relatives of them. Then again they are just as self loving and abusing like him. Made me sick, though these where not the people i was here to kill. I have done my job, he is dead and gone. I layed a fake ugly flower on the top of his chest on the gold plate with his name: Markis Fisher.

I noticed everyone else too layed ugly wierd flowers. Did they really think that they where beutifull? Or where the to like me fakeing this hole thing? What ever it is they are doing a good job. 

The chest was lowered and dirt started to shovel. After a few minutes my alibi was that i couldn't handle the depression of his death (Urgh) and i left town. Really i just took a ride back to London to my head quarters. There i awaited my next mission. Spyed my next victim, killed him or her and then moveing away and on the the next. This is my cicle. 

Headquarters has no name. But we are family to each other. We kill those who kill and betray others and we support each other in the break downs that follow. We live underground in a old abbandonned tunnel that everybody thinks is perished. But with the help of agents infultrating the police lines, it helps us keep it hidden.

When the chest was lowered i just ran with my hands over my eyes fakeing crying noises. Then i went to the black car with the exact same lisence plate as our "jobs" under cover cab. When i got in the car i ripped off the black veil covering my face. i smacked Jhonnys hand. "Hey Jhonny, Mission acomplished! Lets go home." I said leaning back into the black soft leather. The smell was soothing and familiar.

"Job well done. Nobody suspects anything right?" He asked starting the car with a groan. THe car moaned and aked but started.

"Don't you know me at all? Nobody suspects anything and i got bonus pay from this guy. Gave the rest back to everybody as usual." Second part of the job. Giving the money he owns the people still alive and then we keep the rest for our pay for the clothes for the next cover. Thats the best part of the job. Giving people what they truly deserve. 

"Just makeing sure. As always, Sifer is glad to see ya'!" He smiled and tramped the gas pedal down. 

"Great. Hope i can catch a break i'm bushed. Longest cover ever!" It was. Last cover only took a week. I was playing a hore (grossest cover ever) and everybody knew he never had a woman for very long. His heart problems made it the perfect crime. This one on the other hand took more than months. Then again, Markis Fisher tryed to keep up appearences as a gentle man so he had to take it slow with me until it was okay time enough for an engagement.

"Sure can do. Next vic's not even home so you got about a few weeks break." He said as he started whistling a happy tune. His chocolate skin and short black hair made him look like a reglular cab driver. But if you look closer his cheekbones are too sharp and there are scars here and there everywhere.

"Perfect J. Just perfect."

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