The Fur Coat

Magnolia has a secret she is pettrified to share............ i wrote this for homework when i was 13... hope you like it :)


1. The Fut Coat

Normally i loved shopping. I loved the big crowds, the mix of exited, bored and happy atmospere, the smell of all the little crepe and ice cream stalls. Normally anyway. Today the huge shopping center was packed, because it was two weeks until christmas and the centre was mid- London.


"Maggie, did you hear a word of what i just said?" asked my best friend Skye, interupting my train of thought.

"Bagles?" i guessed randomly, pulling my big baggy fur coat around me and pulling down my matching fur hat to almost cover my eyes.

Skye rolled her eyes. She had two long light brunette plaits and chocolate brown eyes, in contrast to myshort blonde wavy hair and sea blue eyes. Skye was a giant compared to my short size.


"I was saying that this dress would mach perfectly with your eyes for saturday. Clubbing remember? You havn't come in ages!" Skye said exasperatedly. She pused the little blue number at me. "Go try it on!"


"Sorry Skye. I'm busy." I told her.

"Mags! You never come anymore! Your alwa-" Skyes eyes widened.

It could be anything shes thought of! I thought. Don't panic! But Skye was smart. I knew she would find out!


Suddenly she lunged at my coat, ripping it open, not caring the buttons were scattering everywhere. A few passers by stopped to stare. Beneith the coat was a lump on my belly. Not little enough that I could have gained a couple of pounds the last time she saw my stomach, but not bid enough to be sure.

"Your pregnant?" She breathed. I nodded.

"Damien know?"

I shook my head, tears dribbling down my pale skin. Damien was my boyfriend.


She grabbed my hand. I didn't know where we were going. First it was warm, then freezing then warm again. We were in Skye's red Toyota Corolla.


The journey home was silent. We pulled up at mine and Damien's house. Damien's car was there. He was home, back from his two week holiday at his parents house in Devon. Oh no!


Suddenly Skye hugged me.

"You can do it! You'll be a great parent." she said warmley. And i knew she forgave me for not telling her. "Now go tell Damien!"


I wobbled out of the car just as Damien ran out of the door. He looked tired, nervouse and a little windswept. His dark brown hair looked tousled and messy and his blue eyes looked scared. He looked gorgeous standing there in our tiny front garden. I hugges my now buttonless fur coat to me and want to greet him. Skye pulled away.


"Maggie." Damien said. "I know we are only twenty- two. But i love you. So thats why i'm asking you to marry me."

He got down on one knee."Magnolia white will you marry me?" He asked, producing a gorgeous diamond ring

I gasped in shock.

"Oh yes! But Damien! Oh no!" I gasped. Suddenly i threw my coat to the ground. "I'm pregnant!" i said shakily.


"Oh Mags! Thats wonderful! Is that a yes to marrying me?"

"Of course!" I gasped.

And we lived happily ever after.

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