This shortstory follows a psychologist who meets a strange girl called Catherine Wood. Catherine feels there is something or someone following her, but of course the psychologist thinks she has a mental illness. But does she, or is there really something supernatural in this world?


4. Three

When Catherine came this day, I knew that something was wrong. She was totally pale, and she had a weird look in her eyes.

“Hi Catherine. Long time ago, huh?”

”I didn’t feel well last week.” Her voice sounded frightened, but in some way she had this indifference over herself.

“Have you been ill?” She took a deep breath. “My dog died,” she said.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Was it sick?” She sat quiet and calm, just starring in the air. Then she shook her head. “I was out shopping. When I got home, he hung in my living room.” The tears started to trill down her cheeks.  I grabbed a handkerchief and gave it to her.

“He was hanged. Someone hanged my dog!” she said angrily while starring in my eyes. She was clearly desperate. Her voice slowed down to a silent whisper. “Please help me! This isn’t something I imagine. I’m so afraid.” I layed a hand on her shoulder. Maybe I was totally wrong. Maybe she was much smarter than I thought. Which kind of scary, creepy, disturbed way of thinking could a person have to kill it’s own dog to get sympathy?

“I think you should go home and contact the police,” I told her. “I already did. After seeing him hanging in the living room, I went outside so I didn’t have to look at all the blood. I waited in half an hour in my garden. When the police came, he was gone. Of course, the police got mad and told me, that I shouldn’t call, if nothing was wrong.” She started crying.

“Two days later, my neighbors found him in their trash can.”

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