This shortstory follows a psychologist who meets a strange girl called Catherine Wood. Catherine feels there is something or someone following her, but of course the psychologist thinks she has a mental illness. But does she, or is there really something supernatural in this world?


5. Four


I had to investigate this closer. I went home for some silence to think.

In my bedroom, I found a picture of my dead husband.

“I don’t know what to do,” I said to him. I looked at his smiling face. Then I putted the picture back on the closet, where it always was. That same night, Rosemary called. She said that she had talked to the police.

Catherine had committed suicide. She had hanged herself in the living room. The police wanted to talk to me about her state of mind. I was really shocked. I knew that something was wrong, but never that it would develop so fast. If I saw it coming, she would probably still be alive.

I went to the police station the next day. They told me, that there wasn’t any fingerprints or signs for break-in. Neither, there was a suicide note. But they did get a strange call at five o’clock. This means, right after she came home from her appointment with me. The police said that the phone call consisted of a loud scream from a woman and a kind of snarl. I told them that it was possible she was mentally unstable. Her dog died the same way a couple of weeks earlier. She claimed that she was being followed by a ghost, but that was probably just her imagination that gave her these delusions. I thought she had a rare kind of schizophrenia or paranoia.

I still don’t get it. I had never made a wrong diagnosis before. I had never misjudged in serious cases. If I knew, what was wrong with her, she wouldn’t be dead now. If I at least had contacted a colleague to hear another person’s opinion, perhaps Catherine would still be alive now.

But I do know that it is not my fault. I just wish that she had had a chance.

I layed my head on the pillow.

In the same moment, I heard loud footsteps outside my bedroom, and suddenly a deep snarl was in my ears.

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