If You Could Read My Mind, You Would Be In Tears.

This is something I wrote this morning, when I woke up, I am sorry if there are some mistakes.


1. My Life?

"Once again, youre home alone, tears streaming from your eyes, and Im on the out side. Knowing that youre all I want. But I can´t do anything. Im so helpless"


The doctor looked at the sleeping girl,  and took her diary under her pillow, turned to her mother, and gave it to her. Disapointed and without fellings he said to her:

"If only someone had showed her hope in life, that someone loved her, then she would not be here, she would not have tried to kill herself. She would have a normal teenage life, with friends and maybe a boyfriend, but she will never get that." 

After that he walked throug the door, leaving the confused mother, who opened the diary and read the last page.

Dear diary.

I dont know who I am anymore, lies have filled my life, and is the only thing coming out of my mouth. One of them is when I say that I am alright. I am not alright, and I will never be. My head is filled with thougts about life, death, things that should disapear, but I know that they never will. They are a part of me. 


My mind is ruined.


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