A Falling Rain Droplet

A chain of short stories in the rainy days; a chain of love stories in thousand of falling rain droplets.

Author's note:
I was sitting on the bus while it was raining outside. Then, the inspiration came.

Thanks for reading. Please correct me if there's mistakes in grammar and such in chapter comment.
Thanks before.

[Note: All names here are just fiction. So do the names for places]


6. A rain droplet from past

Archarios is your average city.


In the daytime, the streets filled with noisy vehicles.

Shortness of breath people with a rush like they were chasing something.

Laughter and jokes heard from teenagers walking going to school.

And in the evening, all the noise was slowly beginning to mute.

They returned to the warmth of home,

hanging with family,

before finally fell asleep for some energy,

and get prepared for the next day.


Always the same. It never changed.


I was out of my office at 5:30 pm.

Prepared to melt with the city exhaustion.

Although the town is crowded with noise,

there is always a row of green trees that are ready

to radiate beauty and oxygen by the roadside.


Drizzle greeted me when I step into the street.

I grunted annoyed for forgot to bring an umbrella.

One by one the raindrops were falling to the head and shoulders.

I immediately put on my jacket hood over my head.

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