A Falling Rain Droplet

A chain of short stories in the rainy days; a chain of love stories in thousand of falling rain droplets.

Author's note:
I was sitting on the bus while it was raining outside. Then, the inspiration came.

Thanks for reading. Please correct me if there's mistakes in grammar and such in chapter comment.
Thanks before.

[Note: All names here are just fiction. So do the names for places]


5. A rain droplet from past

- Present -

"Mr. Alluka, it's already five o'clock,

you don't want to go home?"


"Ah, yes, soon. I have to finish some reports first,"


"Well, then, I'm going now. Excuse me,"




The afternoon sun entered through the window right beside me.

Computer radiation light was flickering in front of me.


I wiped off the exhaustion radiate of my face.

The atmosphere around me began to empty,

as my friends one by one began to leave the room.

Particles of light were leaving only two silhouettes:

me and my computer.


I took off my name tag that hangs around my neck,

also unbuttoned the first button of my shirt.

I was hoping that the sweat will get cooled by the air conditioner.


On that name tag, my name is written clearly:

Saka Alluka

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