Demon Hunter

Jak was born with enhanced strength, hearing, eyesight and additions in every way giving him abilities to hunt and kill any Demon that an ordinary Human could never have, but this time all those skills still might not save him, and that could mean the end for us all.

He is one of the last two Demon Hunters and he is out for revenge on the assassin who murdered his guardians, themselves powerful sorcerers.

He'll learn how their deaths connect to a rising power and the deaths of his natural parents.

He'll have to get re-acquainted with old friends and make new allies if he is to stop the most powerful Demon he's ever fought from enslaving the human race or just annihilating them.

A companion to CHASE my other Demon Hunter story here on movellas. You don't have to have read that before you can read this.


5. The Run Down

Jayhra and Jak got to their feet, Jayhra about to use her abilities to lift herself up to the roof so they could go after him.


Jak scrambled back to his feet.


"Okay, sis let's go use your magyk and teleport us up there. You can get us ahead of that thing and we can surprise it and get our revenge."


"I can't do that," Jayhra told him.


"What, why not?"


"Come on, you know why not. I can't do it just for me, let alone both of us. You have to know by now how much energy it would take out of me to produce that kind of power."


"You know you need me at full capacity when we face that murderous thing."


"Well, ok then enough chit-chat; let's go, you remember those piggy back rides you used to give me as a kid?"


"Yeah, I remember," Jayhra answered.


"Well, this time, why don't you hop on my back and I'll jump both of us up there."


"Thanks, but no thanks little brother. I think I'll make my own way up, we're wasting time so like you said, 'cut the chitter chatter' and let's do this."


"Okay, you get up there however you can and I promise to let it live long enough for you to get a few hits in," Jak said, with the first smile he had felt cross his lips in weeks as once again he was joking with his sister.


Well, sort of joking, he was of course serious about killing Crush. He didn't believe a word of what he'd said about not being the one who murdered their parents.


He knew the creature was the one responsible and he would get it right this time, he would make him pay, he and Jay would kill it.


Jak looked and figured he had two ways that he could get up to the roof and get after him. Either dig his fingers and feet into the building to scale the wall all the up or using the walls of both buildings to give him enough leverage to jump from one to the other until he made it to the top.


These were both old buildings and he knew he could punch holes in the walls deep enough to give his grip as he quickly climbed it.


Jayhra was close behind having stood with arms out to the side and the palms of her hands facing downwards as she cast a spell to create what looked like a controllable gust of wind coming from her hands lifting her up.


Once up to roof level, she set down, opting to conserve energy and run across the rooftop after Crush, and not turning the palms of her hands to face slightly behind her, directing the force to carry her forward and looking almost as if she were flying.


Jay smiled and waved as she saw Jak reach the roof level and then watched as he began running and quickly overtook her. Jayhra smiled again when she recalled the days when she could run faster than Jak


Now, though, she just followed at a distance as he ran along the tops of these buildings jumping from one to the next.


It shocked Jayhra to feel the smile on her lips and to acknowledge that for a moment she been able to think about better times shared with her brother, but the reality of what they were doing and why they were doing it came crashing back.


Hitting her like the weight of a building falling on her and she got angry again. Angry that even for a moment she had allowed herself to forget their parents were dead, murdered by the monster they were pursuing.


The memory of what that thing had said back in the alley came back to her, he said he didn't do it.


Why would he say that? Why admit that you were there in their home, that you were there with the intent to kill her mum and dad only to insist that he didn't do it.


That they were both dead when he got there, that clearly someone had set him up to take the blame and be the focus of her and Jaks rage as the real killer went unnoticed by them able to carry out some secret plan.


It didn't make sense, what plan? Who could have pulled it off.


Not him, not the Vampyre. She hated to admit it, but he might just have had a point.


There was just no way a single Vamp found the island; found their home and then not only did it get past their defences, it out fought them both and then managed to get away so it could live and tell everyone he did it.


None of that made sense, she didn't get time to think about it much more as she spotted him, it.


Crush hadn't been moving at full speed, not the first time he sensed the boy on his trail or now that he had the two brats after him.


He had wanted the boy to catch up to him so he could assess the level of threat he posed.


He just hadn't expected the Demon Hunter, not even the junior version. At least not so soon. Sure, he figured that eventually somehow they would place him at the scene.


Obviously whoever set him up had given them a helping hand, not just identifying him, but in tracking him halfway around the world from New Zealand to their favourite old hunting grounds in London.


He hadn't been back here; in over a decade since Zaya got killed and he came seeking vengeance; only to discover he had been too late, too late to find his partner’s killer and too late to stop him being killed.


He blamed them, Baine and Isobel, but he couldn't shake the anger he felt towards Zay for taking that gig.


Why he felt the need to join up with those Human scum and worse yet, why he tried to drag him into it.


He hated Humans, they were kills; for food or for entertainment it didn't matter, but working with those Humans, especially a bunch of Demon worshipping freks felt wrong.


He didn't understand them, selling out their own species, did they not know their history. What Humans were to Demons when they ruled the world, Demons used them as slaves, as entertainment, as food so how any of these skin sacks could subscribe to the belief that their lives were better under Demon control eluded him.


The same way the decision Zaya made to align with them puzzled him even more.


He might be one of only a handful of first generation Vampyre's left, but they still outnumbered the Hunters and no regular man or woman had the abilities to hurt them let alone kill them.


They could potentially live for centuries, longer if they went to sleep as he had been doing when someone woke him supposedly to give him the location of Zaya's killers.


He and the other original Vamp's had it good here, so why would he want to tear down the barrier and all those other Demons back.


Vampyres weren't strong back when Demons ruled they were small creatures the more powerful used them as trackers and when they were in their original form his kind used the toxins naturally present in their blood to paralyse their prey before drinking their blood.


What made Zaya think for a moment he would agree to help them and protect them while they performed the ritual to bring about the return of whichever Demon they served.


Crush had to put all thoughts about the past and his partner’s reckless choice to mess with all that Demonology. He had finally led his pursuers to where he wanted them; a deserted area of the city.


Although the alley they had been in when Jak first confronted him was between two abandoned buildings it was still close to a densely populated area.


Not that he felt concerned about civilian casualties, he just didn't need the distraction, sensing passing Humans or smelling them and making him hungry.


Nor did he want those two to worry that they'd have to protect passersby from him. This was one time when he needed their focus on him, no matter how dangerous it might be for all of them.


Crush was on the roof of an empty building, what it had once been used for didn't matter. What mattered  was that it was a good enough spot to engage his shadow, the scales all over his body that reacted to the surroundings changing to make himself almost invisible.


Giving him the perfect cover for him to hide in and wait for them.


Jak came to a stop lowered down onto the roof, disturbed that he had lost visual and couldn't psychically detect him anymore either.


Jayhra caught up with Jak guessing that he had lost him otherwise he would be beating that thing bloody.


"I lost him, for all I know he's miles away or maybe he's close by and I just can't see him because he's in that shadow mode thing of his," Jak told her.


"It's up to you now Jay, you should be able to sense if there's any kind of shadow hiding it."


"Reach out Jay, feel it; if that thing is close, you'll know. You have to concentrate, close your eyes, focus your mind like mum and dad taught you and you will know if he's here," Jak said to her.


"I know what I have to do Jak, so just let me do it." Jayhra said as she closed her eyes and began to focus searching for the signs of a shadow defence anywhere nearby.


She caught something, a slight movement of the surrounding air.


Jayhra didn't have to search any further, as Crush revealed himself coming out of the shadow, that had hidden him from their view. He had been on the same roof as them for the past several minutes.


Jak’s first action upon being that close to him again was to hit Crush with a punch to the face with all the force he could muster.


The force of the hit took Crush ay surprise, knocking him off his feet and before he could regain any control of the situation Jak had leapt on him pinning him to the ground and began furiously hitting him.

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