Demon Hunter

Jak was born with enhanced strength, hearing, eyesight and additions in every way giving him abilities to hunt and kill any Demon that an ordinary Human could never have, but this time all those skills still might not save him, and that could mean the end for us all.

He is one of the last two Demon Hunters and he is out for revenge on the assassin who murdered his guardians, themselves powerful sorcerers.

He'll learn how their deaths connect to a rising power and the deaths of his natural parents.

He'll have to get re-acquainted with old friends and make new allies if he is to stop the most powerful Demon he's ever fought from enslaving the human race or just annihilating them.

A companion to CHASE my other Demon Hunter story here on movellas. You don't have to have read that before you can read this.


4. Intervention

Pressed up against the wall, gasping  for breath, realising that he couldn't break the hold and couldn't get to his weapons; Jak knew he'd made a terrible mistake and for a split second wondered if would pay for it with his life.


Just before he lost consciousness, as he felt himself slipping into the darkened state of unconsciousness, he wondered if would ever actually wake up from this ever again.


After that thought flashed through his mind, he quickly recovered his confidence and his train of thought. No, no there is no way he would let that be true. 


Recognising he had done everything badly for the past couple of weeks, Jak knew even with the anger and grief he felt he could and indeed should find a way to get back into this fight.


After all, this sort of thing is exactly what he was born for, what he has been taught how to do his whole life. What he realised that he evidently needed to keep training to do, if he wanted to live longer.


He had thought of a way to throw himself back into action, only to stop in his tracks as something he never expected to happen, happened. He did pass out, the blackness overcame him and his eyes shut the last thing that crossed his mind were feelings of guilt and disappointment.


Guilt for leaving his sisters Jayhra and Chase behind because of his arrogance and recklessness, and a sense of disappointment he believed his parents would have in him for having thrown away everything they'd taught him.


Only a few minutes passed before Jak opened his eyes, surprised, but obviously delighted to still be alive. As he came around he realised that he was sitting on the floor and as he looked up to see the Vampyre stood hovering over him and looking down at him as if he was at a loss over what to do with him.


That made him angry and Jak wanted to leap back to his feet and get back into their fight, but as soon as he tried to move he began to feel light headed, realising even his body needed a bit more recovery time.


As the two of them just sitting or stood there staring at each other Jak growing increasingly angry that the Vampyre stopped just as he could have gone for the kill, then the fiend who murdered his parents, just dropped him.


"If you are gonna kill me, then just get on with it and kill me, while you've got the shot you murdering piece of garbage. You know, if you don't kill me now in a few minutes I'll be strong enough to fight you again and I won't make those mistakes again and I won't need guns or swords this time, I will tear you apart with my bare hands."




Jak screamed at him, in as menacing a tone as he could muster while his voice was still croaky from the crush injuries to his throat and shouted that last part as loud and angry sounding as he could.


Crush had decided he wasn't at all happy with things, but that as much as he wanted to kill this brat, for now it was not in his best interests, one reason being that the two people in the world that he knew it would hurt the most were already dead, the other reason being that it would still leave the female hunter to come after him and if he killed this one he very much doubted she'd be open to his suggestion.


He had serious doubts that this little boy would be interested either, even if he had just let him live to hear the revelations he had to share with him and then hear his proposal.


About to bend down and whisper in Jaks's ear, the truth. That he hadn't killed Isobel and Baine, he wasn't the one who had killed his mother and father.


Even admitting to the kid that as much as he had wanted to, as much as it had been his intent to get to the island where they had hidden all these years and kill them both, only to make the discovery when he got to their house that they were both already dead.


He knew someone or something had set him up, but before he got the chance to say anything, to his utter astonishment, Crush found himself being lifted up in the air and being thrown the length of the alley into the wall at the end.


Jak watched as the Vampyre rose up off the ground and then smiled first at seeing the look of surprise on the Vampyres' face as he rose up into the air before being thrown head first into a wall, and second because he knew who had done it.


Without even looking Jak knew who it was who had come to save him, or at the very least save him from himself.


He wasn't shocked to see his sister Jayhra, nor did he have to look at her to know that she was angry.


Jayhra always was a stronger practitioner of magyck than he probably ever would be.


These skills she has learned to master her whole life, even before he had been born.


Even before her parents her mum Isobel and her dad Baine rescued an infant they later named Jakson, though he preferred to go by Jak.


They had taught her all they knew about magyck but also how to fight, the right tactics and weapons necessary to beat most Demons in combat.

She had enough confidence to go into a fight even if she didn't have Jaks' natural strengths.


Jayhra had used her abilities to create a force to wrap around Crush to pull him up, squeeze him tightly as she threw him at the wall at the end of the alley and repeatedly bouncing him off that wall and the hard ground.


Jak was still slumped to the ground clutching his throat and could barely see through the tears in his eyes, but he recognized his sisters pissed off tone of voice straightway.


"What the hell do you think you're doing, are you trying to leave me all alone without any family."


"We buried our parents do you remember being there standing next to, Chase and Caleb, the two of us holding hands as we put them in the ground."


"Are you really that eager to reunite with them in death, if you are then let's do it together the two of us will fight this Vamp trash to the death."


"I'm sure this creature would be up for a fight. The chance to drink the blood of a Hunter, and the blood of an apprentice sorcerer."

"Who knows maybe if it drank my blood it would inherit some of my magyk abilities, that would help it when it came to tearing apart a regular man or woman, make it even easier for an old-timer like him to kill."


Since Jayhra stopped toying with him while she went off on Jak, Crush took the opportunity and got back on his feet. He had shaken off the minor scrapes Jayhra had inflicted. Then as she had let her guard down he ran back towards them.


They shouldn't have been, but he caught both of them by surprise when Crush stopped right beside them having ran to face them again, instead of resuming the fight he entered their conversation.


"I heard you from the other end of the alley and I can tell you, that I don't want to fight you, a Demon Hunter he said looking down at Jak, realising for the first time who and what this kid is.


"I don't want to fight a Demon Hunter nor, he said looking back at Jayhra nor his magyck girlfriend."


"I'm his sister, you blood sucking piece of trash."


"Sister, girlfriend whatever, my point is I've no interest in fighting either of you."


"With a raspy voice Jak called out to him."


"Yeah well, you better get interested in a fight with us you worthless monster because I came after you to kill you and that's something I intend to finish."


"Now my sister is here and she's gonna want a piece of you as well, so get ready." Jak had to pause briefly to rest his voice while his throat was still so sore before he continued.


"Because whether we finish it right here tonight in this alley or if we have to pursue you halfway around the world."


"We will hunt you down and kill you for what you did," Jak growled.


"You're tougher than most Humans, I'll grant you, but I can still take you, if it comes to it, I will end you both."


"The fact is you are only alive now because I allow it and you know it."


"What is he talking about Jak," Jayhra asked him.


Jak told her, part of what Crush had said to her when he bent down to whisper in his ear.


"He told me that he chose not to kill me that's why I was already on the ground when you arrived."


"Well maybe that's true or maybe he sensed someone coming before I turned the corner into the alley."


"I didn't sense you, if I had, you never would've got close enough to toss me through the air like that I assure you," Crush told her.


"I may be a few thousand years old and maybe my senses are not what they once were, there is no way I wouldn't sense you coming."


"For that reason I don't want to fight you. I never want to fight anyone, not anymore. Not now that the only two people I had any interest in fighting, the only ones who I want to kill are now dead anyway."


"Unfortunately I wasn't the one who got to kill them Yes if you're wondering I am talking about your beloved parents. I have my reasons for wanting them dead, but I tell you here and now I wasn't the one to kill them."


"If I had done I wouldn't deny it, in fact I would be shouting it from the rooftops."


"I would be the toast of the Demon world not just among my few real Vampyre brethren but every single creature left in this world and all those Demons still exiled beyond the barrier just waiting to come flooding back into this world."

"Just waiting for the chance to reclaim this ball of dirt and to get the chance to kill every last one of you pieces of vermin crawling around on this planet like you matter, like you own it."


"If I or any other Demon had killed two of the most powerful Humans on Earth, two of the few remaining obstacles standing in the way of the Demons returning permanently."


"Let me ask you this if you're really dumb enough to believe that a Demon working alone did it, why aren't they telling everyone why aren't they boasting about it."


"Are you saying that there was no Demon involved; that a human did this."


"Good grief you blood sacks are stupid, no I'm not saying that, of course their was a Demon involved."


"After all what possible reason could one of you bags of crap have to kill one of your own!"


"Oh, and I doubt their deaths were far from a random event. If it were my guess they were part of an orchestrated plan."

"A plan that signifies the beginning of a new war between Human and Demon, and if it that's the case then we, or rather you, are counting the days to the end of your entire species."

"Whatever happens to me, it won't stop what's coming, it won't stop every faction of Demon returning from beyond the barrier."

"Oh this such crap," Jayhra said.

"Don't you get it, someone lured me there, told how to get past their defenses, only funny thing when I did get there, they were both dead already and there was a convenient witness to point a finger at the blood sucking fiend."


"To give their Demon killer and warlock offspring a target to aim their rage at while whoever they were went about their business safe in the knowledge a threat to them had been taken out."


"You want to know something that sickens me to my stomach, we have a common enemy."


"Whoever used me is going to pay and clearly you have reason to want to find them and exact revenge."


"Even so, I can't even believe I'm about to propose this, but I think that we should work together."


"I think if we find who set me up, you'll find the ones who murdered your pieces of drelk parents,"


Just the idea of teaming with this murderous thing, was enough to Infuriate both Jak and Jayhra.


Having regained his full strength in the short space of time sitting there listening to Crush spout his absurd theories, Jak jumped back up to his feet immediately launching a flurry of blows against Crush.


While Jayhra in her mind recanted the spell to form an energy ball in the palm of her hand, and stretching out her arm threw it at Crush.


She was casting them as fast as she could throw them while trying to avoid hitting her brother as Jak was grappling with Crush the pair of them trading blows.


The surge of anger Jak felt at Crush's team up proposal fueled him and he landed some vicious blows on Crush, but the longer the fight was going on the more the vile creature was regaining the upper hand.


That was before Jak accidentally took a hit from one of his sisters energy blasts.


Even before he had fully finished talking about them teaming up Crush looked at these two and saw they weren't keen and then from the change in body language he saw that were going to make a move against him.

Still he was a little surprised by the quickness and ferocity of the boys attack and further angered at feeling the pain from each hit from the witches energy spikes before he even saw or able to defend himself against them.


If he was much younger Crush knew he wouldn't have had as much trouble with these things.


He would have killed one of them and possibly kept the other alive long enough to pass the time torturing them before he drank their blood, and snapped their neck.


Crush still believed he was doing okay given his age and how long it had been since he'd been in a fight. As he was trading blows with the boy tapping into energy reserves of his own and up his game.


He was finally blocking the boys shots and grabbing both his arms spun him round to put him in the path of the girls energy blast.


In the split second after being hit in the back from his older sister, Jak dropped his guard.


Jayhra saw her last energy blast hit her brother in the back and stopped throwing them as she was in shock long enough to give Crush the time to get away.


After he shoved Jak causing him to hit Jayhra and the two of them fell to the floor landing in a heap and unable to get up in time to stop Crush jumping on to the side of the nearest building.


He climbed up on to the roof scrambling to get away or at least give him a head start before they came after him.

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