Demon Hunter

Jak was born with enhanced strength, hearing, eyesight and additions in every way giving him abilities to hunt and kill any Demon that an ordinary Human could never have, but this time all those skills still might not save him, and that could mean the end for us all.

He is one of the last two Demon Hunters and he is out for revenge on the assassin who murdered his guardians, themselves powerful sorcerers.

He'll learn how their deaths connect to a rising power and the deaths of his natural parents.

He'll have to get re-acquainted with old friends and make new allies if he is to stop the most powerful Demon he's ever fought from enslaving the human race or just annihilating them.

A companion to CHASE my other Demon Hunter story here on movellas. You don't have to have read that before you can read this.


1. Hunter Vs. Prey

At 16 years old Jak is already an experienced Demon Hunter and been out on numerous missions with his instructors and with his fellow Demon Hunter Chase, she is a few years older than him and a more experienced.


Jak was still learning and developing his own hunting and tracking abilities and his fighting style and preferences for weapons.


He enjoyed it the whole thing from an early age learning all about the history of Demons of the Human races struggle with them for superiority over life on Earth.


His enjoyment and learning curve came to a sudden and shocking end when he came home from his first solo mission, to find his guardians Baine and Isobel the only parents he'd ever known dead. Brutally murdered.


He was in shock and as soon as he informed his sister Jayhra and then Chase and her father Caleb they buried them. After the service he disobeyed Caleb, who ordered him to stay in the village where they lived while he took Chase and their team to investigate who killed them.


Jak was rightly furious at being left out of the hunt for the killer after all Baine and Isobel were his parents as far as he was concerned, they were the ones who rescued him and took him in they raised him to be as much their child as their own daughter.


They taught him all about the line of Demon Hunters who came before, they taught him how to fight, how to use weapons and honed and focused his psychic ability and ability to use magyk.


He believed that they were both better parents and instructors than Caleb was with Chase he saw first hand how hard he was on her and there was no way he would put up with him before his world fell apart so he had no problem cutting off all contact with Chase, Caleb and even his sister Jay as he sets off filled with rage determined to be the one to find the Demon intent on getting revenge.


For weeks he pursued every possible suspect that he could think of and when he finally got the answers he was looking for followed up on that information set off in pursuit of that Demon he believes was responsible for the murders of his parents.


The only problem is it the hunt wasn't going quite as well as he thought it would.


The creature had Jak pressed up against the wall holding him with his feet high off the ground his powerful large hands wrapped around Jak's throat choking him.


If he were an ordinary human he would probably be dead by now either choked or maybe with his attacker's strength, his neck would've been snapped, but he was so much stronger, but even given his natural born strength he was still losing this fight for life.

Jak's fingers wrapped around the Demons' hands trying desperately to claw his way free his legs flailed about as he was struggling to breathe to even stay conscious while he tried to think of a strategy to get free as he couldn't get to either of the long blades strapped to his back, but before he could do anything his vision went dark.


Jak stopped struggling and moving at all as his hands fell away, he stopped kicking and his entire body went limp.

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