Demon Hunter

Jak was born with enhanced strength, hearing, eyesight and additions in every way giving him abilities to hunt and kill any Demon that an ordinary Human could never have, but this time all those skills still might not save him, and that could mean the end for us all.

He is one of the last two Demon Hunters and he is out for revenge on the assassin who murdered his guardians, themselves powerful sorcerers.

He'll learn how their deaths connect to a rising power and the deaths of his natural parents.

He'll have to get re-acquainted with old friends and make new allies if he is to stop the most powerful Demon he's ever fought from enslaving the human race or just annihilating them.

A companion to CHASE my other Demon Hunter story here on movellas. You don't have to have read that before you can read this.


8. Falling Down

Jak and Crush were too close to the side of the building to avoid hitting the now unused crane they used to hoist up the deliveries that would have come from the newly docked ships in the ports.

Crush slammed his back into the corner of steel landing platform, the pain was enough to cause him to let go of Jak and it threw off his straightforward descent as his body contorted by that blow slammed him into the side of the building a couple of times before he hit the ground, landing on his back and his head hitting the ground hard enough to leave him slightly dazed.

Jayhra watched as her brother knocked Crush down, then grabbing him by the throat, he lifted him back up, she saw what he intended to do.

It shocked Jayhra to see him acting so impetuously, even before she saw Crush dig in to stop himself being thrown off.

She couldn't believe that throwing him off the this building was all Jak could think to do in that situation, he still had both his swords on his back he could have used to fight with.

She thought that maybe Jak could have taken the opportunity while Crush was on the ground to run them through his arms or legs and pin him to the surface of the roof.

He didn't do that and from what she had seen since she caught up with him, Jak hadn't done anything using the skills he had learnt and had still been learning to master from their parents right up until their deaths.

Every move he made hadn't been at all coördinated and thought through, no instinct shown, there wasn't a single attempt to think through his attacks to use his strength and his style to block the Vampyres strikes or at the very least minimise their power.

It disappointed her to see every blow he had struck was solely him just lashing out and then reacting to his opponent's strikes.

There was no intelligence in his fight, so besides her disappointment she had the fear that if he kept it up, Crush could find an opening and seriously hurt possibly even kill him that thought terrified her.

That thought also led her to wonder if Crush was actually holding back, and it occurred to her that he could have gotten away earlier or just made it harder for them to catch up.

Only he hadn't done that, instead he stopped running, in fact Jayhra figured he had to wait for them, when he emerged from his shadow or camouflage mode when Jak attacked him.

In fact, even at the height of the fight between them he hadn't used all of his capabilities. He hadn't used his nails the way a Vamp his pedigree usually can.

Extending them to three times the length of an ordinary Human sharp enough along all sides enough to cut through a lot of things including Jak's skin.

He, him or it, she could never decide how to refer to that thing. Whatever term she used didn't matter, what mattered was that he hadn't even tried to sink his fangs into any part of him that would inject his paralysing agent into his bloodstream.

She didn't for a second believe his claim that he could kill them both if he wanted.

Jayhra knew she didn't have the strength her younger brother has, but she had trained most of her life, she knew a lot of fighting styles.

She displayed skills with many weapons and with the magic she knew she felt sure she would be able to give the Vamp a fight even if she did eventually lose.

Still, there was little doubt in her mind that even against this Vamp used everything it had at its disposal, if he were fighting more intelligently Jak could kill it.

She still had to wonder if the Vamp was being smart was he thinking ahead that if he just withstood their onslaught, eventually he would be able to get through to them and reason with them, make them see that he might be telling the truth.

If that really were his intention Jayhra doubted it would work if she hadn't shown up. Jak was just too angry to listen just to it.

Only time would tell if he would even be capable of listening to her, now she believed without a shadow of a doubt there was more to her parent's deaths than they knew.

Would the two of them combined, an enemy and not just an ally, a family member. Granted, not brother and sister by birth, but how they had been raised, how they saw themselves.

In the brief times it took those thoughts ran through her mind Jayhra realised she had lost track of the fight, opening her eyes just in time to see Jaks feet disappearing over the edge.

Jayhra turned quickly ran and jumped off after them, intending to save Jak from hitting the ground, but although Jak fell too quickly for her to catch and wrap him in her telekinetic force field.

He didn't need her help, even if his head hasn't been on right when it comes to the fight, it pleased Jayhra that he still had some survival instinct as he put his legs together stretched out his arms and landed on the platform Crush had struck with his hands.

He was in a handstand position, like a diver about to move off to dive into a swimming pool below.

Jak took a few seconds to steady himself, before he let himself tip and fall at first horizontally with his back to the ground, quickly changing to a vertical feet first position which is how he landed just inches from where Crush had hit the ground.

A few seconds later Jayhra also landed, knowing full well that even before her feet touched down, she had done something that could make Jak hate her.


She called up the only magic casting she could think of and turned that telekinetic force field into a barrier, placing it between Jak and Crush while he still lay on the ground.

It confused Jak at first when he went to go for the Vampyre again, only he couldn't get to him, something stopped him, something he couldn't even see.

As far as he knew not even an original, a master vampyre could do that, it took a few seconds for it to register that there was one other person nearby who could.

Jak turned around to look and saw Jayhra just as she landed, he took one look at her and knew she was the one responsible.

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