Demon Hunter

Jak was born with enhanced strength, hearing, eyesight and additions in every way giving him abilities to hunt and kill any Demon that an ordinary Human could never have, but this time all those skills still might not save him, and that could mean the end for us all.

He is one of the last two Demon Hunters and he is out for revenge on the assassin who murdered his guardians, themselves powerful sorcerers.

He'll learn how their deaths connect to a rising power and the deaths of his natural parents.

He'll have to get re-acquainted with old friends and make new allies if he is to stop the most powerful Demon he's ever fought from enslaving the human race or just annihilating them.

A companion to CHASE my other Demon Hunter story here on movellas. You don't have to have read that before you can read this.


7. Close Quarters

Jayhra reacted quickly casting a spell to surround herself with a Telekinetic force field or bubble as she and Chase usually preferred to call them.


Whatever name she used for it didn't matter, once inside she could free fall, letting it take the impact or she could say the words to a spell that would let her slow the rate she descended.


Up on the roof Jak had got back to his feet and preparing to attack again before he saw Crush throw his sister off the roof.


He screamed her name and watched in shock as she disappeared from view, but he didn't go after her, he didn't jump off the edge and attempt to catch her even though he knew Jayhra could be seriously hurt by the fall.


Instead, he just went back at Crush he ran at the Vampyre then leapt up and hit him with a flying kick to the head, sending him stumbling back towards the edge he'd just thrown Jayhra over.


Charging straight at him again as soon as he landed back on the ground. Crush managed to stop himself hitting the ledge of the rooftop and falling off. He steadied himself, then charged at Jak; it wasn't pretty as the two of them collided, just them pounding each other with their fists.


Each landing hard blow's, mostly punching each other in the face and upper body.


They were oblivious to the fact that Jayhra had changed her mind when she had been halfway down and instead directed a burst to carry her back up to the roof.


The first either of them knew of her presence back in the fight was when she hit them both with a charge of what would look to anyone seeing it like concentrated controlled lighting strikes.


Jayhra had planned just to hit Crush, accept all the while she waited for an opening she didn't see one and she knew any strike would at least partly hit Jak as they were so close.


Eventually, having been annoyed with Jak for not even bothering to check on her after the Vampyre threw her over the edge, she slightly lowered the power of the blast she threw at them.


Having cupped her hands as she said the words under her breath.


As she pulled her hands apart the spark of electricity she created grew as she moved her hands further apart, making circulating motions until she'd grown that long sliver to the size and shape of a tennis ball and that's when she bowled it in their direction.


It hit the ground a few feet from them, but as it touched down it became a single sliver again as it travelled the short distance, striking their feet, causing an intense surge of pain, more so in Crush who was barefoot unlike Jake who did have his boots on, which is why Jayhra did it like that knowing it would lessen the impact Jak felt.


Jak and Crush both felt the pain in the soles of their feet first; which was enough to interrupt the fighting, before it travelled up their legs and burst at waist height and the force from that equated to being stood so close when a hand grenade blew.


That pressure didn't kill or even injure either of them, it just knocked them off their feet, both landing flat on their backs.


The strength of the strike would have left most people barely able to move for a long time as they tried to shake off the painful tingling sensation that running through their bodies. Let alone be up and fighting again so quickly.


With their individual abilities and strengths it didn't take either of them a few minutes to get rid of the pain and get full feeling back in their arms and legs.



Before they were both back on their feet and within seconds they had charged at each other again and were close enough to hit each other again.


The power behind each blow they struck, pushed them back or they moved to avoid the blow, before both going right back at it.


Jayhra watched her plan fall apart pretty quickly, she had hoped that they would both be down long enough for her to intervene.

She wanted to get them all talking again, to get to the truth see if the Vamp might have a clue who could have set him up and hopefully get Jak to see the truth.


She didn't get that time and now she had to choose whether to hit them a second time or get in between them some other way.

Either way she needed to stop this before Jak got hurt and anyway watching the two of them trade blows was boring her.


It was all just naked aggression, the two of them punching each other to see who was the toughest, which one of them would last the longest.


It had none of the usual style, Jak displayed, none of the self belief that he would win any fight even before he went into it either.

None of the ingenuity she watched him develop as their mum and dad taught him how to fight.


Jayhra decided whatever she did this time she would just to target the Vampyre. She would just have to find another way to calm Jak down at least long enough for her to try to make him see sense.


Jayhra came up with a spell that should give her a hint of invisibility, providing she was right about the visual range of an old Master Vampyre like him.


If she was right about what visual spectrums he saw through, she might be able to get close enough without him seeing her use the lightning solely on him.


She never got the chance as the fight between Jak and Crush intensified, after finally getting in a hit hard enough that he knocked Crush off his feet.


Jak lunged at him, grabbing him around the neck, dragging him up to his feet and ran with him towards the edge preparing to throw him over, only Crush dug his feet in, extending his toenails into the rooftop to slow Jaks push.


At the same time Crush was also attempting to dig his fingernails into Jaks arms. He got deep enough to break the skin, but hadn't yet dug deep enough to start penetrating into his muscle and tissue.


Even so Jak realised that his plan to throw Crush off the roof will fail as he saw that he had no way to drop him over the buildings edge without being dragged over as well.


Knowing that Jak let go of Crush, but he had already gone too far and when the back of Crush's feet hit the ledge he fell backwards and went over.


Then, as Jak feared he couldn't break the grip Crush had on his arms and he went over the edge as well.

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