Love Is Messy

All from heart, hope you like ^-^


1. Got a heart problem

It's completely stupid

I'm so in love with you

Your heart is with another

Yet I want it more

How can you do that

So close to me

Touching me

Holding me

And not knowing

Your driving my heart crazy

I hate that smile

Make me melt

Stumbling over words

Becoming ridiculous clumsy

Stop calling me

That annoying voice

That I love to hear

In my ear in the morning

I'm so sick because of you

One big mess of love

I can't breathe around you

I'm so tired of you

Stuck in my mind like a melody

Where is the off switch already?

Your loving a stranger

I should have had a chance first

I'm not in love with you

I'm deeply in love

But your tearing me up

Inside and out

Your a cat wanting a mouse

I'm the dog, already in truce and wanting you

I'm through of you

I will always love you

You will never love me

No happy ending

Like a romance novel

Real life love

Where a small needle makes a pain

I'll sit here and wait

Just you see

I'll steal your heart away

But right now

I'm going to sit in the rain

Drowning my heart

And pulling out that dang cupid arrow

The thing that started it all.

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