running from the shadows

vivvianne will stop at nothing to be with jack , but will nothing be enugh?


3. where things get messy

"vivvianna , vivvianne honey where have you been , oh my your dress is amazing" she relised she was still wearing her wedding dress, but this is a mascurade ball so she put on her golden mask and was ready for the action. "mum , dad can i talk to you  in private in the conference room?" she looked at them both. "yes of cors sweetie lets go."

jack was already their when they got their, but thankfull their parents didnt fight with each other. "mum, dad , mr and mrs black , were here to tell you that me and jack are married and we hope this will stop the war between her families" everyone rose and screamed "what" noone gave a chance for them to explain. they just dragged vivvianne and jack out and locked them in seperate rooms.

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