the keepers of magic

avelon never really fited it. all the girls at her school wanted to gro up have a family and be happily married, but avelon didnt want any of that. all she ever wanted was to have a supernatural live , ghosts,ghuls,witches,wearvolves,vampires and so on. but when she finally gets what she wants she needs to fight for her life.


1. sunsett

avelon loves sunsets, it reminds her there is no light without darkness , and that there is no darkness without light. but can their be humanity without supernatural , or do they exsitst? a secret world? just like in the book she read , the night world.

you see avelon was a day dreamber , she loves the idea of supernatural , thats all she wants in her life.

"avelon, your friends are  here"  avelon was sitting on her window seat, watching the beautiful sunset , and day dreaming about how amazing her world would be , if she only had some ghostly events. she heard stories of girls being haunted by ghosts called polterngeists, they usually hang around teen troubled girls, so why hasent avelon got one ? her life is misrable! "hey , ave you comming?" that was myles and spencer , her best friends sinse kindergarden "yeh so can i choose where we are going today?" myles and spencer looked at each like they were reading each others minds, about a split second later they nooded , but they knew where their going , the blackwood woods so before even asking where myles cut in and said "yeh yeh we know the woods" and spencer stupidlly shouted "shotgun" then fell onto a chair.

on the way to the car the three friends were giggling.

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