Elegant Silence

Verasuata is silent. Speaks to almost no one. She has the amazing gift to enter unbeliveable worlds of her own choice. She is afraid to let anyone enter her world even the fake one she pretends to have on earth. Until she meets someone. A simple earth human. In one of her worlds....


2. ~Father~

The univers is filled with doors. Some easy to open and some very very difficult. Humans of the planet called earth holds only one door to all in this world. Exept me, i have chosen this world because of the feelings. In my planet Risantung feeling are few but stronger than here. We do not harm each other and resent earth for it's ability to kill each other. All on my planet have open souls. But i have never heard nor seen anyone on earth with this gift.

Though i have this one form human body as my cover i do not sleep, this magnificent state of mind where humans escape to. I have many times seen movies where people sleep. Ive seen people sleep in person but never will i understand it.

As i walk across the blank seethrew floor of the black space. I see all the many colored doors of all the different worlds. My kind kan only choose four plans of doors. Earth is my first plan door witch means this is the world i live in. The other doors are backup in case i die on earth or i decide to move from there. My next plan is of course the one in wich i as born. But i rarely visit.

My third plan is the one i'm about to visit. Planothia is one of the door farthes appart from earth. The nature is abstracked and beutiful and lies with it's core open on surface. Marveled every day, by every person on the planet. This is where my father was born. He is the one i am about to see. Of course the years have gotten to him and his spesies isn't known for there long life span. But he still lived a short but good one hundred years. For a human this a long time but for our kind this is not very much. But enough to live a good life. 

I reached the green door and opened. As i walked in i felt my body change into the little halfling with elegant ears and small body. My father tha tallest of the planet, he is just a bit smaller than the everage grown human man. But still i have gotten my mother height. She was tall and elegant in every step she took. Even standing still nobody could deny her beuty. 

I walked across and saw the freindly faces. Some embraced tha fact that i was not truly one of them and other envied me or hated me. Those where the ones i avoided. After waking for a while i saw most of the local town was gathered around my fathers cottage. Horror ran threw my every fiber.

I sprinted as fast as i could in this form towards the crowd and when i reached there asked Mim the floris what was going on. "Your father is bakeing for the whole towns children. The docter was there to check if he was alright but nothing was out of order. He seems twenty years younger!" She explained and i started laughing. Of course nothing had happened to dad. He was strong. He could hold for a few yeras more. 

Mims son Jaukoob came out with a leaf (used like a plate) with a traditional Galunga cake. I smiled and went in. Father had just finished serving cake to the last child and sat down heavily on the stone. He sighed.

"Hello again dear."  He said squeezing my hand. 

"Hello father." I replied.

And there we sat as usuall. Not speaking, just absorbing each others thoughts. A truly deep moment. After a few hours it really was time to go. So i left with a hug and coulden't help but wonder. Is this the last time i will ever see my father?"

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