Will has found himself watching the Earth disintergrating ,he isn't on Earth though, why? Is he the only survivor? Read this story and find out


1. Inevitability

Will couldn't belive his eyes. Was he really seeing what he thought he was seeing? Could it be true or was it just a dream. Earth appeared to be desintergrating before his very eyes. Seeing the statue of Liberty float past sent shudders through his body! Every few minutes different landmarks he'd learnt about in geography floated past, like the Eifle Tower and the Taj Mahal also Buckingham Palace. He was like a spectator watching a movie except this wasn't a movie, it was reality.

As Will looked at Earth turning into a ball of flames, he thought he was lucky not being on Earth but he knew he hadn't survived everything. He wonderd if there where any others like him or was he the only one? Imagine that, the only one left from the human race. Or was he?! Maybe there were others [he hoped there were.] If he was the only one, why was it him who was the only one? Could anyone answer his quenstions? Well not now anyway, for all he knew a living person could never answer his questions!

With Will's mind fumbled and questions flowing through his head, there was only ONE thing he could do...

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