This account is about friendship, and how I would give my life for a friend....hoping she would do the same.


2. Crying

The tears won't stop

Buckets,gallons of pain gushing out of me. A distant numb feeling overpowering my body.

Heaven lay there,on the hospital bed. She looked so helpless, so frail. I was too scared to hold her hand, that even if I looked upon her a moment to long, her heart may shatter from impact .

I missed her so.

The monotonous bleeping of the monitor was recording her heartbeat. I begged that it would never fall silent. Although she was in a coma, she looked so full of life. Like nothing had happened,and she was just sleeping. Her brow was furrowed, like she was concentrating on getting better. "Heaven?" I whisperd, the words only slightly leaving my lips."I want you to get better, I want you to WAKE UP" An immense surge of power ran throughout me as my lips trembled to the realisation to what I had just said. A doctor rushed into the room, with a crimson breifcase and a stern look on his face.

"Do you realise what your're doing?" He spat, his words so sharp, my stomach ached.

"No.... not really.." I mummered, looking down at my shoes.

"Are you a member of Heaven's family? A long lost relative?" The doctor questioned, his eyebrow raised.

"Actually.. no.. I'm her best freind.. we're really close, almost like sisters!" I said worriedly gigleing at my dreaded fate.

"Leave." The doctor uttered.

"No." I replyed, my voice trembling, my hands weaved behind my back," Not before you tell me what's wrong with with her."

"This is a hugely confidental matter, how am I certain that you're not just a stranger to this girl?" The doctor told me, his importance at stake.

"But... doc..." I stammered.

"No!" The doctor interuppted, his glasses rapidly sliding down his nose," I will NOT allow this to happen. Leave now, or I will be forced to call the police and they will lead you away. This is not an arguing matter, NOW!..."

"Willow?" A fraigle but hoarse voice mummered.

I hastily turned round, and Heaven was upright on her hospital bed, gazing at me, analyazing any trace of differnce. Nothing had changed. Lonely tears pricked my eyes as a worried grin crossed my face. Not wanting to hurt her, I slid down beside her and stroked her delicate skin. Soon enough, scalding tears drizzled my face.

I didn't care who saw me.

As long as Heaven was ok.



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