Path to the top

About an MMA fighter who refuses to stay down after being constantly beaten up


5. The Turning Point

I saw Brick making his way over to me, Dixon and Chris. He seemed quite angry and I think we all knew why. His bright red face tightened up and his stormy grey eyes focused on me.

"What are you looking at Carrot top?" Brick questioned.

"Nothing," I whispered nervously.

"Yeah, I thought so, get out of my way you lanky piece of ginger."

He pushed his way past me and headed for the bar. For a minute there I thought he knew, and was about to go straight for my throught, regardless of the Bar's policy.

"Guys I''ll be back in a minute, just need a quick leak," I lied to them. I just needed some fresh air and a bit of time to myself.

I made my way outside without them noticing and just stood there. I tried to think of anything I could to divert my thoughts from the recent events. I took some deep breaths and paced up and down. I felt the chill of the wind press against my skin. At the same time I could feel the beads of sweat slowly making their way down my face to drip off to the floor. I could here footsteps coming in my direction, but I didn't let it concern me. I moved to one side of the road to let the person past while I tried to think of something other than Brick and Tairisha. The footsteps stopped behind me. I tensed up, hoping that it wasn't one of the two people I most needed to avoid. I moved further to the side as if to signal for the person to walk past but no movement was made. Slowly, but cautiously, I turned around. My eyes were closed, wanting to take a peek at who was in front of me. The person took two loud footsteps closer. I refused to open my eyes and tilted my head downwards. The person came even closer. I could now feel the heavy breathing on my chest. Brick. It had to be Brick. He found out what had happenned and I was now going to pay for it. I slowly openned my eyes and they revealed a pair of high heals and caramel coloured legs. Slowly I looked from the ground to Tairisha's face. Her face looked upset, like she'd been crying for a long time. I didn't know what to do. Should I comfort her? After all, she is still human and just went through a break up with the toughest guy in the university. But on the other hand, She had always treated me like a second-class citizen, like I wasn't important. While I was complexing over what to do, she had already decided her move. Her arms slowly wrapped around my waist and her head pressed up against my chest. I could feel her tears starting again. They slid down my shirt as my sweat had done down my face.

"I can hear your heart beating faster Andre," she whispered

"Well, this isn't exactly natural for me." I started to try and pull away but her grip around my waist tightenned.

"Don't, please don't. I left him because of who he became, because of who he was turning me into, because he was a bully. I couldn't tak it anymore, I was under the wrong influence. I need someone with a good heart to help me. Someone sweet and caring. Someone like you." She cried while talking. I felt terrible for her, I had judged her because I thought that was what she was generally a nasty person. Someone who only cared for herself, but no. I don't know why I believed her, but it was like her voice put me in a trance. I felt compelled to be sorry for her.

"I-I don't know what to say Tairisha"

She looked aat me, her eyes were bloodshot red, but her gaze still enticed me. I felt something for her that I hadn't felt for anyone before. Her right arm rised up my back all the way to my hair. She stroked it gently. I felt obligated to slowly wrap my arms around her waist. My heart started to beat faster, and yet I felt more comfortable around her. I could feel her smile on my chest. It was comforting. She slowly pulled away from me so naturally my arms started to move. She stopped me and put my arms back where they were and put her arms around my waist again. She looked at me with her dark green eyes and her red lips openned slightly. She closed her eyes and started to tiptoe to gain height towards me. I started to panic. My eyes widened at what was happenning, but before I had time to think about it her hands rose to my head and started pulling me closer. I could have easily resisted but I didn't want to. I went in closer to her and our lips met for the first time. I'd never experienced anything like this before. Our lips moved simultaneously. It was the best experience I had ever had to date. Afterwards, we both pulled away and she gave me a smile, revealing her blinding white, yet wonderfully flawless teeth. I returned her smile and slowly brought her head back to my chest. I felt like we were 2 jigsaw pieces that had fitted together perfectly. I felt complete.

"Wow, that was, errm, interesting, how long have you wanted t..." my voice trailed off as I looked up and saw the one person who I didn't want to see at the moment. His red faced tightened and his muscle rippled. He started to walk towards us. My heart started to beat faster again. I was frightenned.

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