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About an MMA fighter who refuses to stay down after being constantly beaten up


3. Chris's Party

I finally decided what I was going to get Chris for his birthday, it was a brand new ICE watch that suited him perfectly. I put on my best Shirt, a pair of jeans, some smart shoes and headed out straight for the party at the booked out club. I arrived and saw Dixon and Chris instantly and headed over in that direction.

"Hey mate, happy birthday," I congratulated. I gave him a grin as I presented him with his gift

Chris gave out a small chuckle, "Thanks Andre, you know you didn't have to get me anything," he said with a smile.

"That's from me too," Dixon interrupted, he gave me a helpless look as he had forgotten to get Chris a gift, as per usual.

"Yeah, I'm sure he knows that Dixon," I laughed and winked at Dixon when Chris looked away.

He put on the new ICE watch and gave a wide smile. He could see, as could me and Dixon, that it suited his style perfectly.

"Thanks again mate, this is fantastic," he grinned at me again but it soon turned to a look of regret, "You know what Andre, I just remembered, I invited Brick, Tairisha and his 'Brickbreakers'. I hope that's OK with you mate, but to be honest I didn't have much of a choice because, well you know, it's Brick," he gave me a helpless look, much like Dixon's a few minutes earlier.

"Chris, that's absolutely fine, it's your party mate, not mine."

I reassured him of what I said by giving him a small smile. He gave me a weak smile back but that didn't concern me as much. What concerned me was the wink and smile that Tairisha had given me yesterday, it was unheard of for her to do something like that because she was suppossed to be loyal to Brick. I must have given Chris and Dixon a sign that I was uncomfortable because they both gave me a worried look.

"Are you OK Andre?" Dixon asked.

I smiled back at signalled that I was going to get a round of beers. I walked off straight to the bar and got out my wallet and asked for the drinks.

"Identification please sir," the bartender demanded.

I was used to this by now and already had it out by the time he was about to ask. I looked around to see where Dixon and Chris had gotten to, and instead saw Brick and Tairisha (followed by the "Brickbreakers") coming through the door to the club. My stomach churned at the sight of Tairisha. I again got a shiver up my spine. I felt sick. Something was about to happen, I just didn't know what. I looked away. I collected my beers and immediately went looking for Chris and Dixon. I tried to keep low amongst the crowd of people (It looked like Chris had invited the entire university), but I soon realised that was impossible when I towered over everybody by about 3-4 inches. I looked in the direction of Brick and Tairisha and realised that they had both spotted me. Brick was about to make his way over to me, but thankfully Chris turned up at the door and it looked like he had told him the bar policy, that fighting wasn't allowed within thirty feet. Brick looked annoyed, but it wasn't him I was focusing on. Tairisha's gaze had not left mine since she had spotted me. It was enticing. But I resisted any temptation I had to go over and ask her about yesterday, or now for that matter. I turned away and went looking for Dixon. I spotted him and started to make my way over to him when I felt the need to look behind me again. I did. I saw Tairisha returning my gaze, her rouge lips slightly pursed, her green eyes interlocking with mine. I made a quick glance at Brick, a fraction of a second, to check if he could see what was going on. Luckily he was presenting Chris with his birthday present, a plain white t-shirt (obviously a lot of thought had been put into this gift). My eyes returned to the beautiful female standing next to him. My palms started to sweat. My mouth openned slightly. I could feel my face becoming red. This wasn't good.

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