This is my first movella and is action packed and very exiting! could you rate it high and become a fan of me ( PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )


4. Weapons

 James decides to go out into the forest but Sam decides to go out into the streets where peoples houses are to see if he can find anything useful there. Where as for me, I decide to go to the shoppinmg center ( or at least what was left of it ). I stummble across the rubble and find my self trriping over a sighn. It is a blood-red coulor ( probably human blood ) with white writing on it saying  "WEAPONS 4 U ". I quickly frow it out the way and there I find a flamethrower, I can't belive my luck! I have to tell the others. So I pull out the walkie talkie from my pocket ( prepared again ) and speak into it: "Guys, I've got a suloiton to our problem,meet me back at the boat now!"

"Well here he is!" exclaims Sam.

"what have you got?" I ask. He holds up a pack of grenades and apair of flip flops. "And you?" I ask to James. He signalls me to come into the boat and shows me what he has. "A pet wolf and a ferret,I like your style," I say. I hold up my flamethrower and pull the trigger. "Now thats cool!" They both say together.

" I've got it, a sneak attack,that will work perfect because he thinks your dead and he dosn't know a thing about James does he!" I say. I fell rather proud of myself for coming up with such an idea. "That might be crazy enogh to work." exclaimes Sam.

James says "How about we strike tonight,at midnight." we both nod our heads in agreement and so we set out to do our crazy stunt to save the world...  

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