This is my first movella and is action packed and very exiting! could you rate it high and become a fan of me ( PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )


1. Him

I sprint down the back alley of Ashley Street with Sam by my side as we race away from the carnage we leave behind us, the storming rain and the banshee-like screams. Everyone finds it nearly impossible to survive, ever since he came.

"We should get to higher ground," I explain "That way it will make it harder for him to get us."  No one had ever seen him before, and if you did, you wouldn't live to tell the tale.

"Yeah, I agree but, where are we gonna go?" questions Sam.

"We could climb Big Ben?" I suggest.

"You must be crazy,anyway we need something to defend ourselfs with," Sam replies.

"You know me, always prepared for whatever happens. What do you think I have in this massive backpack of mine?" I ask to him "Er,I don't mabye?" I answer him

"No,I keep 4 mini uzis thats what."

Now we stand on the top of Big Ben, overlooking the chaos below our feet, we await for him to come to us and not go to him, that is our plan. The shadowy-fuiger came to the bottom of the building in an instant. All I could see were black clouds beneath him and an old, dirty skull for a head. Death awaits us ...

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