Veeta Slum

Callis lives in the slum of the city Veeta. His money and funds are to perish, and he earns money by streetfighting in the underworld. His past is dark and lonely and his trust of mankind is limited untill he meets the older Orwell. Orwell will do anything to escape the power of the dictator Magginy. Callis' prejudices to other people have to be buried, to eliminate the regime.


3. Magnificent Powers

Orwells hearing was devastated. He laid on the ground and saw the guards firing at him. The barrels of the guns flashed gold and he sensed bullets flying all around him. The fence was about to fall over by the dogs which leaned against it. He saw how the dogs fighted among themselves to get the reward - human flesh. The guards began to cut the metal fence with a giant scissor and the dogs stormed to the hole. The fear of dying grew in his eyes and even though his logic told him he couldn't hear a thing, he would have sworn that the intense breathing of the dogs motivated him to get up on his feet and run. Clumpsy he ran, still effected by the explosion, through the woods and came to a rock legde. The dogs were right behind him and this legde came as a miracle. The animals with the sharp teeth and claws couldn't climp rock and Orwell had a lead over the gaurds. Untill they came with their guns. Orwell would be an easy target on the legde, slow and defenseless. On the opposite he had a lead and the dogs, which were lot faster than the guards, would be useless on rocks.


He climped down the legde and surprisingly found out he had gone stronger. The training of the last 4 years had payed of. He was faster and stronger than he had ever been. Orwell looked down. 65 feet and after that - who knows? Water maybe. The hands easily found holes ind the rocks and Orwell was about 13 feet down when the guards came. A man in a blue uniform with golden and silver stribes showed up and yelled in some sort of communication unit on his arm. 30 seconds later 4 helicopters circled in the air - waiting for permission to fire. Two of the crafts headed down to Orwell which defenseless clung to the rocks. The fire opened and Orwell felt a stabbing, burning pain all over the body. The body had to be one big sieve, but when he skimmed at himself there was no holes, no blood, no scracthes, and any other thing. He raised a million questoins about himself, the apparent invincible body, the tests, and the science with had taked a big leap forward since his time.


He crawled down the legde and when the pilots saw he fled from the bullets the first fired a missil. The missil hit the wall and Orwell fell down the legde among the rocks. The water was so fresh and cooled and Orwell enjoyed the freedom in his right element.

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