Never Let Me Go

This is a Carnelian Network novella.
Lucy had led a great life. She had friends, family, a boyfriend. She was popular. She had it all. Then she met William. As she fell fast for this dark, mysterious boy, her life began to unravel. Her parents got a divorce, Ollie dumped her for her best friend and she was loosing her popularity. This is Lucy’s story of love, loss and an impossible journey.


1. Worst Night

Normally I loved galloping on my favourite horse Shadow. But today I couldn’t get into the rhythm of the canter. My long white dress was uncomfortable, my long wavy blond hair was blowing in my face, my sea- blue eyes were full of tears. I was tired and sad and my mare Shadow was the same. But I had to get to my vampires’ promised land.


It had all started with William. My boyfriend Ollie ditched me for my best friend Daisy, my parents wouldn’t stop fighting, Daisy and I were drifting apart and I was slowly loosing my popularity.

William had swept me in and seduced me to his vampire magic. He used to tell me stories late at night about an abandoned bit of land, over my mum and dads arguing. He used to feed off my blood, but I didn’t mind. It was only once in a while and it stoped him from being hungry. William used to tell me about the land, its origin and how it was abandoned. I used to fall asleep dreaming of far- away places where children used to play.


Then William had left me. He told me he was heart broken but he had to leave me to my humanity. “I will miss you, Lucy.” He had said, his beautiful grey eyes full of tears. His chin length dark brown hair flopped down his face. “But come find me if life gets to much. I’ll be waiting in the promised land.”

He had pushed a piece of paper in my hand. I had gazed at the clue long since; “Follow the sound of hunger and fear, But don’t forget to keep your loved ones near.” Underneath that was a map.


At the party tonight Daisy and Ollie had humiliated me badly by telling everyone that my parents were getting a divorce and our house/ stables were in debt. I had told them that in confidence.

Then I had run from the party, only to find Mum sobbing in the kitchen. A mirror image of me, only taller, with emerald green eyes that were soaked in tears. “Your Dads gone,” she had sobbed. “They’re going to take our house and he ran away!”


So I decided to follow in my Daddy’s footsteps. I sprinted into the stables, tacked up Shadow and we set off. Only a girl, her horse and a map (I has kept it with me at all times).

It was growing dark now. Shadow was getting tired. But I couldn’t stop. I had to get to my Promised Land. I slowed Shadow to a trot and bared my surroundings.

The sky was darkening quickly. My bare legs hurt from rubbing up against Shadow’s dark bay coat. I was a long way from the ground. Crows were everywhere, swooping around us curiously to see their disruption. Bales of hay were piled up around us suggesting we were trespassers. My long white dress flowed like a train behind me. The clouds were dark and closing in on us. It was going to rain soon.

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