Silence is A Virtue

Rhiannon Spencer is just your average 16 year-old teenager: hyper, hates school, argues with her parents every so often, fancies guys WAY out of her league and has serious friendship problems. Of course, being a teen, Rhiannon's diary of every day events seems outrageous, but as the pages turn, more is revealed. Deep inside lies a troubled past, and a girl who's scared of the future.


17. Therapy

Dear Diary,

Therapy was actually quite fun. According to Dr. Macmillan, I'm doing really well considering all the things I've been through. And she said that I was doing the right thing by writing to you. She said that writing diaries and journals is one of her most effective techniques when helping her patients.

Josh, on the other hand, isn't doing so well.

"It was brave of you to come, Joshua," Dr. Macmillan had told him when we first sat down. "I know how hard it is to make the decision to see someone."

"Well, I couldn't think of anything else. Walking the streets isn't safe enough after dark and I need to get out of the house. I need to get away from all the anger," Josh admitted, his voice wavering slightly. I grabbed his hand instinctively, running my thumb over his knuckles. Poor Josh. I wouldn't be able to last for as long as he has without seeing someone if I was in his position. He's so brave.

The session lasted little under an hour, leaving Josh and I at a loose end. We didn't have any other plans and I didn't feel like going home. I wasn't tired like I usually was. I was full of energy and ready to face the day.

It's seven o'clock now. I've been in for half an hour. Josh and I went to the cinema and then out for lunch. After that we walked around the park and talked for an hour or so. Josh has decided to start a diary too, so he can release his stress. We then went shopping. We didn't buy anything, but we were more than happy enjoying each other's company.

Eventually, Josh walked me home around six, and stayed for dinner. He's only just left himself. Ooh, there's a text.

Hd fun 2day. We shud do it agen sum time. I hav thrapy nxt Satday of u wanna cum? We cn mke it a regular thing if u wnt?


I'm smiling now.

Yea, I wud lke tht, J. Do I owe u anythin 4 thrapy?


I'm waiting for a reply now. I'm actually really excited. I feel like I've seen Josh in a completely different light. The text has just come through. Wait, that's not from Josh.



Gosh, this sound urgent. I wonder what she has to tell me.

I'll tell you later.



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