Silence is A Virtue

Rhiannon Spencer is just your average 16 year-old teenager: hyper, hates school, argues with her parents every so often, fancies guys WAY out of her league and has serious friendship problems. Of course, being a teen, Rhiannon's diary of every day events seems outrageous, but as the pages turn, more is revealed. Deep inside lies a troubled past, and a girl who's scared of the future.


14. Six Sentences

Oh Dear Diary,

I received a letter today. A letter from Edmund. Three weeks with nothing and then I get this! It's barely even a letter.


I'm so sorry that I left you in the dark for so long. I should've told you. There's unfinished family business I need to attend to. It's very important and too private to share via letter, so I will tell you when I return. I don't know when I'll be back, but I hope it'll be soon. Tell my aunt and uncle I'm okay.

All my love,


That can barely be classed as a letter. It's six sentences long. Six sentences! And there's no return address! Edmund is bloody lucky that I hadn't given up hope and thought he was dead. I swear, I will give him never-ending Hell when he gets back.

How dare he leave me and then send me this ridiculous excuse for a letter! GRRR!!!! I need to go for a walk, clear my head.


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