Silence is A Virtue

Rhiannon Spencer is just your average 16 year-old teenager: hyper, hates school, argues with her parents every so often, fancies guys WAY out of her league and has serious friendship problems. Of course, being a teen, Rhiannon's diary of every day events seems outrageous, but as the pages turn, more is revealed. Deep inside lies a troubled past, and a girl who's scared of the future.


4. Saturday

Dear Diary,

It's Saturday. Oh how boring my life is. I think that my Saturdays were more interesting when I was in hospital. I don't do anything any more. It's not that I don't want to, believe me, I crave to go outside and play hockey and drink coffee in the middle of Krissy's garden, but I can't do it. I don't have the physical ability to go out to school every morning, do my homework and have a life at the weekend. It drains me. That's why I'm sat in bed, half-watching re-runs of Criminal Minds and picking at a stack of toast mum brought up for me. Krissy comes round now and again. Not every weekend. Maybe once a month. She's out a lot, finishing her Duke of Edinburgh awards or going to the cinema with Josh. No one else visits, no one else knows why I never come out at weekends, why I refuse every party invitation and never sleep at anyone other than Krissy's house. I miss the life I used to have, back before I made the mistake of falling for Ethan.

Speaking of which, today is the day Maybelle visits her brother in prison. She doesn't enjoy going to see him, but she's the only one who's willing to give him some company. She feels bad, because she was the one who gave him any idea of who I was. She is the only other person who visits me at the weekend. Usually after she's been to see her brother. It's ten o'clock now, she'll be over in two hours. I hope. She's the only person I can really talk to, really connect with. Despite being friends with Krissy since forever, the whole thing with Ethan has given me a deeper, stronger relationship with Maybelle.

Ooh, there's the door bell. I wonder who it is. I'll write later.


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