Silence is A Virtue

Rhiannon Spencer is just your average 16 year-old teenager: hyper, hates school, argues with her parents every so often, fancies guys WAY out of her league and has serious friendship problems. Of course, being a teen, Rhiannon's diary of every day events seems outrageous, but as the pages turn, more is revealed. Deep inside lies a troubled past, and a girl who's scared of the future.


9. Rain Lullaby

Dear Diary,

I won! I beat my dad! Ha! Mind you, he isn't the best at Scrabble. Or Smart Ass. Or The Logo Board Game. But I still beat him! :)

I'm in bed now. It's only nine o'clock, but my mum said that I was looking tired and sent me upstairs. Truth be told, I am quite tired. All of this boy excitement has taken my energy out of me. Edmund better show up tomorrow. I need to talk to him.

I hope the rain lets up soon. It slows the day down. Although, now I'm in bed, the sound of the rain is making me think of a song my mum used to sing to me when I was little. She'd only sing it when it was bed time and when it was raining. It was our special rain lullaby. It goes like this:

Tumble down little raindrops,

Keep falling on down,

Keep falling little raindrops,

Make that 'pitter patter' sound,

I love you little raindrops,

You relax me in bed,

You make me oh so sleepy,

I must rest down my head,

Sing me a lullaby,

A lullaby of rain,

Keep singing little raindrops,

Little droplets of rain.

I love that song. Sometimes I sing it to myself when I'm on my own and it's raining. If it's raining when I'm ill, mum sings it to me. She sang it to me when I was in hospital- it was the only thing that would send me to sleep. It relaxes me more than anything else. If and when I have children, I'm going to sing that song to them.

Just writing it down makes me sleepy...

OH MY GOD! What was that? There's something outside my window. I'll go and see and report back soon.


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