surviving oakmeeds

if u want to or u go to oakmeeds then listen up. i had just came up with a new book called surviving oakmeeds! please read it! it is a guide!


1. rules.

U always have to follow the rules or u will get a detension. These r the rulesthat u must not get in trouble with,

1. never annoy the teacher.

2. do not egnor the teacher.

3. always wear the correct uniform.

4. stay on task.

5. always behave when u r asked.

6. do not be really rude when people talk to u.

7. wait for the teacher to dismiss u in class.

8. be organised.

9. have the correct equipment.

10. be on time for lessons and for school.

11. try your best to not to get a report card.

These r the rules that u really need to know.

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