The Little Wolf: The Story of a Girl from District 10

This is the story of a girl from District 10 and the day her life changed forever when she was reaped for the 40th Hunger Games.


2. The Day of No Comfort

She had felt so sick. So very very sick. It was wrong just wrong. If it had been just here she could understand but Dylan too?! Wolfy felt her knees go week and Dylan wrapped his arm around her to support her. Then all of a sudden they were swept away to separate rooms to say goodbye to their family and friends perhaps forever.  

Wolfy didn’t know if anyone would show up. But her mother showed up finally with Dylan’s dad. She seemed like a wreck.  

“Momma,” Wolfy choked as she launched herself into the frail woman’s arms being reduced to sobs again.  

“Oh my sweet girl. My sweet little, Wolfy,” her mother cried wrapping her arms around her sobbing child. She was shaking so hard with the endless sobs.  

She pulled back and made Wolfy look into her eyes. “Don’t give up my little Wolf,” she said a voice like a whisper, “Be strong and brave and go down fighting or come home.”  

Wolfy looked at her mother and for once Wolfy saw what she used to be before she got sick. She saw the brave and strong way she held herself and Wolfy knew that her mother needed her to try. With fumbling fingers she took off the shawl and tried to press it into her mother’s hands only to have her shake her head and push it back.  

“I gave it to you. Take it with you and know I’ll be with you in the arena,” her mother said her courage dropped. Dylan’s father came over and used his arms to support her around the waist.  

“I’ll take care of her, Wolfy,” he said to her, “Just try to make sure one of you comes back.”  

His eyes looked into hers and Wolfy nodded as a secret understanding pushed between them. In exchange for her mother’s care no matter what she was to try and save Dylan at whatever cost.  

                                                                                  Present time…  

She sat as the others did in posh chairs with flutes of champagne and platters of the fanciest food worth imagining. They treated it like a party every year but she didn’t. Wolfy knew better then to laugh and all at the faces of the Tributes as they were reaped. It hurt her. She remembered that look that some gave and knew it just had to have been on her face. She knew that she had been as lost as the rest of them.  

Wolfy turned her head away as she refused yet another delicacy. She felt her heart go heavy but she wore a mask knowing she must never let it show.  

                                                                        Ten Years Ago…  

The time they had to say goodbye was much too short. Wolfy looked back one last time at the place she had always known as home as the train took off taking her away from it forever. She felt tired from all the crying she had done but it was nothing compared to the way she knew she would feel once in the arena.  

But she tried not to think of it as she went to her room and changed into pajamas she found there as she grabbed her shawl and tucked it around her as she slept.  

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