The Little Wolf: The Story of a Girl from District 10

This is the story of a girl from District 10 and the day her life changed forever when she was reaped for the 40th Hunger Games.


1. How It All Began

She looked out on the city as the sunset over the buildings that writhed and twisted and glittered with a thousand different color lights. The lights of the Capitol had once seemed special to Wolfy but she had gotten over them long ago. She had lived too much of her life here now to be dazzled by it. It was hard to believe it had been ten years since that day. It had been ten years since her life had changed forever.  

Ten years ago….  

The sixteen year old girl bounced on her toes trying to get feeling back in her legs.  She had been sitting in the saddle for much too long today but she had been wanting to forget about what that day was. She wanted to forget that today was the day that always made her weak sickly mother even sicker than usual. She wanted to forget that today was the day of the Reaping.  

“Wolfy, time to come in!” yelled her mother from the doorway of their little shack on the edge of town. Wolfy smiled at her and patted the side of her horse, Ruger, before running towards the house. That was the good thing about living in District 10. No matter your status you got to have a pet.  

“Coming momma!” called Wolfy Morasco as she ran smiling trying to ignore the wind whipping through her long brown hair that most likely tangled. Her cheeks were slightly pink from running her horse across the fields. If only she didn’t have to come to the stupid reaping but better to go instead of being forced by Peacekeepers with whips.  

She gave her mother a hug careful of her mother’s frailty. Amelia Morasco was a frail woman and had been even more so since her husband died right after she had Wolfy. A terrible accident had happened when a bull had gotten loose and gored him. She had stayed strong for Wolfy’s sake but she hadn’t been able to forever. And now Wolfy tried to make enough money so her mother could stay home and repair clothes rather than go out in the fields or paddocks.  

It took quite a while but her mother combed out her hair and let it hang in wavy ringlets down her back before helping her dress in a dress that had been handed down from Wolfy’s grandmother. The pale green knee length dress was still in good condition. It made her eyes pop.  

“It is missing one more thing,” her mother said before going over to a worn little trunk and pulling out a box. She placed the box in Wolfy’s lap and Wolfy gasped.  

“Mother you shouldn’t. What if I ruin it?” she asked as she lifted the white fur lined shawl from the box. It was even more precious than the dress. Fur wasn’t something that many could afford her even if it was collected in District 10. It was perfect. It was too much. Wolfy felt tears come to her eyes.

“I want you to have it darling,” her mother said smiling, “If worse comes to worse then you’ll have a piece of me with you.” Her mother suddenly took on a tired appearance and Wolfy made her sit down in the chair that she had been sitting in. She pinned the shawl on looking at the silver wolf clasp that held it. It was too much. But she knew better then to argue.  

“Thank you mom.”  

Present time..  

She pulled on the shawl smiling at it. It was the only thing she had left from her home. If she had known it would be then she would have brought something different with her instead. But it was the most precious thing her mother had had and was very special to her.  

“Wolfy. It is time for you to go ahead and head down to the live feed,” said a boy named Andrew that had been her personal servant for many years. It was only a select few that knew he wasn’t really an Avox. Now that she thought of it she had two things from District 10.

Ten years ago..  

She stood among the sixteen year old girls of District 10 looking up at the stage. Suddenly a pebble hit her arm and she looked around. She heard a faint snicker and looked up at the head of flaming red hair.  

Wolfy smiled at Andrew. Her best friend was such a nut. Their other best friend, Dylan, playfully slapped at the back of his hand for throwing the pebble. Wolfy giggled despite herself. They were both such goofballs.

Then all of a sudden the mood changed as a man wearing all black with extravagant tattoos stepped on to the stage. “Welcome to the Reaping of the 40th Hunger Games,” said Rosin Anderson, “Today one lucky young man and one lucky young woman shall be chosen to represent District 10 in the Hunger Games. Remember if you wish to volunteer wait until after the chosen Tribute is on the stage.”

Then the man who wore way too much eyeliner walked over to the glass fishbowls. “Ladies first,” he said all too casually and everyone around took on the air of queasiness. Wolfy looked for her mother to see her leaning against Dylan’s father looking weak at the mere thought. Amelia had already lost a sibling to the Games. She didn’t want to lose anyone else.  

It seemed all the girls and their families held their breath as the long slender fingers reached into the first fishbowl. After a few seconds that seemed to last like an eternity he plucked a slender white piece of folded paper from the bowl.

He walked back to the microphone taking his time and girls began gripping each other’s arms and looking into each other’s eyes wondering if this would be their last day together. All but Wolfy that is.  

She had never been close to any of the other girls at all. She hadn’t ever really been close to anyone other than Dylan, Andrew, her mother, and their families. Wolfy knew with the threat of the Hunger Games over them it would never truly be safe to care for anyone.  

Rosin Anderson finally stopped in front of the microphone his eyebrow ring giving a glimmer that seemed menacing. He unfolded the paper and it was then most girls took on the appearance of fixing to faint. That is most girls other than Wolfy. Things would be alright. Tomorrow she would be back in the fields and her mother would fall asleep to her humming beside the fire.  

“The female representing District 10 for the 40th Hunger Games is Wolfy Morasco.”  

And with those few words her life became a shattered mess.  

She didn’t remember walking up to the stage but she was there all of a sudden. All color was gone from her cheeks and when she looked out towards her mother she saw the frail woman desperately clutching her heart with an appearance clearly stating she would faint any second.  

Wolfy closed her eyes to compose herself and pull on the mask. She had to seem strong now. But the next words that came from Rosin’s lips threatened to send her over the edge.  

“The male representing District 10 for the 40th Hunger Games is Dylan Morganzia.”  

She watched as Dylan and Andrew who had already had looks of shock both become quite shaken. This can’t happen, she thought, This should not be happening.

Quick memories of her first kiss being stolen by Dylan to realize that they should just be friends crossed her mind and it was for his sake not hers that a silvery tear escaped her eye as the electric blue eyes met hers full of fright.  

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