I'd do for you

Simply a poem of sincerity.


1. I'd do for you

Sacrifice half of my essence for you, would lay a once shining spirit to rest within our gilded gold box, allowing a dozy crown to dream soundlessly upon the bedding, and pull a coverlet sewn with silver charms for luck, up tight.

My gift to calm your troubled self, plagued by woes that life and time itself may bring, I'll nurse them as my own, shushing such worries that bawl as newborns in nights both humid and chill, I know and understand they remain deep within recesses of the mind.

I had them too nearly took me whole at one point, you saw what things made me become, a creature formed from my ashes and took control, irreplaceable years were lost - forgotten in a broken period

So please respond to my outstretched palm and grasp it within your own slender counterpart and allow yourself to share.

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