A poem of war, men and women.


1. Hero

Seize the day, oh hero of mine, 
The enemies watch, biding their time.
Ready be you, who concures not falls,
Ready to break their prisoners walls.


The magic that lives and breathes in our land,
Find you it will, and leave you it’s brand.
Oh force that whithers and sleeks through the mist,
It will power you up, and power is this:

The wind that grows strong, and breaks down the house,
Crunching every wall, every man, every mouse.
Muscle of men, will fight but not prevail,
For power can break, every bone in every male.

Heaven, if true, awaits me with spite,
If you cannot win and bring in the light.
I will stand by my window, waiting for you,
For in this life, that is what I am to do.

If daylight comes, and brings you to fight,
I will rise again, and I will struggle with might.
So I wait,
I dream 
Hoping tomorrow will come,
That I soon too,
will hear the wars beating drum.

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