Dragon Tears

By now, I've stopped caring that I'm fated to die.


7. Weapons at last

Bezula told me about this cave where he'd stored weapons and food. But it was so far away. And with him exhausted and unable to ride fast, and me walking, progress would be slow. We were almost there when we were attacked. The monsters were only small ones, but I couldn't kill them without weapons. And I couldn't use magic. I didn't want to hurt any of my friends. "Here..." Bezula said weakly, handing me a dagger. Since when had he owned a dagger? It had been hidden, and he hadn't even bothered to tell me? I'd saved his useless skin, and he was keeping secrets? Well, that was fine. He could keep his secrets and I could keep mine. I still took the dagger though. It turned out I could use it pretty well. I dived at the first monster, killing it in an instant. Feeling the triumph in the kill, I turned to another and slayed it with a strong slash. The last two were harder to kill. They had speed. But so did I. Finally, I caught them, killing them in one stab. Bezula watched in amazement. I didn't pay him any attention, just told him, "Come on." in a gruff voice. The dagger felt wonderful. The danger of it. The beauty of it. But the best thing... its ability to kill. Like me. We were so alike, the dagger and me. So alike it scared me.

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