Dragon Tears

By now, I've stopped caring that I'm fated to die.


9. Stocking up

In the morning, I inspected the weapons that I could choose from. The silver sword caught my attention first. With a lightweight, slim and deadly blade, I knew that it would be mine to use. After that, I decided on a bow. It was pretty good; over a meter in length, and easy enough to use. Once I had selected that one, I got a quiver full of arrows. Bezula startled me, speaking from behind me when I thought he was asleep. "You might want something different to that dress." He advised me in a small voice. "I was getting something anyway. Let me finish picking weapons." I snapped, making him wince. I didn't care. Selecting two lethal daggers, I pushed Bezula to the side and inspected the clothing. Finally, I decided. There was a tunic, belt, loose fitting trousers, and comortable boots, all of it made from leather. I probably looked like a boy when I shooed Bezula outside and put it on. But it was much better than the dress. We set off again, after filling up Midnights saddlebags with food. I made Bezula carry weapons, just in case he got well enough to use them. I wished he'd stayed back at his cave. But no. The annoying kid insisted on coming. He would slow me down. But although I really had been mean to him, I wasn't cruel enough to stop him. Not that I knew then, but I really would've been wiser to make him stay.

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