Dragon Tears

By now, I've stopped caring that I'm fated to die.


2. Mistake.

Finally, I let my terrified eyes dart behind me at the chasers. The girl; dressed in a dark coloured dress, with slick black hair,  had beautiful blue eyes, and a nasty scar down her cheek. She had told me she'd got her scar from a horse-riding accident. But I could see her riding now. That girl could have no accident. She was far too good for that. Her stallion was an elegant bay arab, with intense stamina. And then there was the beatiful silver-grey wolf that followed the girl wherever she went. His name was Quicksilver. I knew that for a fact. To tell the truth, I envied that girl because of her amazing wolf. Correction. I envied my friend because of her amazing wolf. That's right. My shadowy pursuer had been my best friend. But right now, we were enemies. And I would not let her stop me! I wouldn't! "Go, Midnight!" I yelled, my bubbling anger giving me strength. She was supposed to be my friend... emphasise on the word supposed. Friends don't stop you from reaching your destiny, following your fate! My hatred was getting worse and worse. A real friend would understand. But not Serena. Not Serena. She didn't understand me. Some best friend. I had more faith in Midnight. A horse over a human. My fury rose inside me, until it was overwhelming me, blotting out my heart like it was ink. I was a volcano - one that was about to explode. Power surged through my body. Magic flowed out of me. Harmful magic. Deadly magic. And it was aimed at Serena.

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