Dragon Tears

By now, I've stopped caring that I'm fated to die.


3. Memories, just memories.

As my magic was released, my entire life flashed before me in only seconds...

I saw my mother and my father, holding the baby that was me between them. "And you're sure you want to leave us?" my beautiful mother asked. He slowly nodded. "Yes. I am, after all, an outlaw." I shivered. I had been told about him before, but never imagined him like this. He had all my bad points: pointed ears, predator eyes, thin lips, pale ghostly skin. He looked more wolf than human, especially thanks to the way he stood, like he was a hunter. "Goodbye." he whispered, and his rare, small smile - my rare, small smile - crept onto his face. My parents kissed. He dissolved into the black night,and a tear ran down my mothers face.

Next, I saw the hut I had lived in for nine years of my life burning. I stood outside, shocked and suprised. My mother, now having no care over her beauty at all, sat sobbing next to me. "Your father made this..." she wept. She cared about nothing now, not since he left. The nine year old me stared at the fire. I spotted something then, a face in the fire. "Dragon Tears, little one, Dragon Tears..." The face whispered softly. I had never shared this voice with anyone since that day, not even Mother, not even Serena. I didn't belive it. Dragon Tears. I felt like this was important.

Then, I watched the rest of my life. After the hut burned, my life dramaticaly changed. Mother was different. She yelled at me, angered easily, cried daily. And, like always, I was never accepted by the other kids. My life had been a mess. That was why I was running away, with Serena trying to stop me. Serena! I suddenly remembered, and tore free of my old memories.

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