Dragon Tears

By now, I've stopped caring that I'm fated to die.


13. 3 weeks later...

Three weeks later and I am now approaching a huge room filled with dragons and dragon Tear. This is the first time I meet the other dragon Tears. I have already met the mortal helpers... people like Kalaros, Selena and Bezula (who has gone back to the mountains so he can protect any humans who go near there). But now, right this second, I meet the Dragon Tears.

Three weeks later and Quicksilver leads me into the hall. He walks proudly walking alongside me, smiling a dragon smile, a confident smile that gives me enough confidence to carry on walking. Then we go through the doors of pure gold, and each Dragon Tear and dragon is looking at me with hawk like eyes. I swallow fear and walk over to my throne, Quicksilver taking his place alongside me.

Three weeks later and I'm looking at the ice pair. The boy looks at me with calm, yet cold eyes, and his dragon seems relaxed, her attitude laid back.

Three weeks later and the fire dragon watches me, her tail twitching with impatience. She is young and excited, like her blonde haired Tear who looks like a boy who would joke around.

Three weeks later and the girl who is the water Dragon Tear looks at me with friendly eyes. Her dragon snorts a gentle greeting.

Three weeks later and the life pair, a skinny girl with black hair and a green dragon who is slim and elegant. They both smile warmly at me, and I smile back. These are probably going to be the most friendly of them all.

Three weeks later and I glance at the beefy guy and his muscle clad dragon. They are both grinning, but not in a nice way. It is more a sneer. These two are of the earth element, and I don't think I'm going to like them.

Three weeks later and the air element dragon flicks her long snaking tail, fidgeting like she had been sitting here for hours. Her Tear fidgets even more. They look friendly, and I know they are good in battle by just looking at them.

Three weeks later and I feel better than I ever had. I'm going to stay here.I belonged. It was where I should be. Nobody will ever get me to leave.

Three weeks later and Quicksilver speaks my name. "Welcome, Volteir Electronae Sparkalax, born of Kalaros, welcome."

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