Dragon Tears

By now, I've stopped caring that I'm fated to die.


1. Run.

My beautiful black mare thundered through the wheat field. Her hooves struck the ground, tearing it apart, throwing mud behind us. "Run, Midnight..." I murmured, my voice weak. My heels squeezed her sides, urging her on. My tangled blonde hair streamed back in the violent wind. Run. The single word echoed in my brain, almost driving me crazy. Watching us with invisible eyes, the huge bales of wheat stood silently while Midnight tore through the field. Run. The storm raged above my head like an untamed ocean that you cannot control. Ravens darted above me, crying out as my fingers curled around Midnights wild mane. Run. My snowy white dress billowed out around me like an innocent cloud being tossed around by a relentless tornado. Coated in sweat, Midnights sides heaved. Run. The wild grass alongside us was shoved around violently by the wind that rushed against both me and my horse. Staring down on us, the daunting grey sky rumbled as if it was laughing at us. Run. Trees whispered in the distance, but their words were lost. I felt Midnight weakening, and I knew she wouldn't be able to keep this up for much longer. Run. I glanced behind and saw the pursuers, stubbornly chasing me. They were gaining land faster than us. I couldn't let them catch up. "Don't slow down, Midnight, please! You have to keep running..." I murmured, urging my exhausted horse onwards. RUN! My mind screamed.

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