The Forgotten

I don't know who I am. I can't remember anything. Not even my name. But I am being chased by brutal killers... I will probably be dead by the time you read this.


24. Zephyr

"Look up," the boy tells us weakly, and I glance upwards. Instantly, my eyes spot wooden walkways, built above the lower canopy of leaves, and shelters built into the trees. Ash spots nothing, his human eyes not catching the detail my own elven eyes can make out.

"Captain!" the boy calls out softly, his eyes flickering about. A ladder is dropped down from one of the trees, of rope and sturdy logs. A hooded figure climbs down quickly.

As they land easily on the ground, I take note of their attire; loose fitting, black and grey clothes, a black hooded cloak, and two blades secured to their back in a harness. Pushing back their hood, the human reveals a pale, ghostly face with jagged black hair.

The woman grins widely, charging up and taking the boy from us.

"Leon!" she laughs, easily slinging his body over her shoulder. "You're alright, thank the gods!" Then she turns to us, her silver-grey eyes sparking with light. "You helped Leon?" she asked, and Ash nodded.

"Yes. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Ash. This here is Elfy-"

"Not 'Elfy'," I cut in, and the woman grinned.

"Alright, then. I'm Zephyr. Why don't we discuss this up there?" she asked, pointedly nodding her head to the treetops. I nodded, and she gestured to the ladder. "Then I formally welcome you to our base."

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