The Forgotten

I don't know who I am. I can't remember anything. Not even my name. But I am being chased by brutal killers... I will probably be dead by the time you read this.


9. Watch and Learn Nothing

I was perched high above the boys head, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Sitting on a small ledge above the chained boy, I examined the security. He was weighed down with massive chains and metal balls, and his head was drooping. I had found that in this room, there was a huge ledge running round the top of it. There was an old ladder tied to the ledge, letting me climb up while the gaurds chained the boy. And now here I was, lying unseen on the top of it, waiting, just waiting. Soon, I would get revenge for the elves lying tortured in the prison chamber. The boy would be safe, and the General - the leader who I'd seen earlier - would be rotting down here in his own base. I was starting to get pretty bored right now. My bow seemed to be calling me, willing me to shoot the gaurds dead and escape. But I need to carefully consider when I struck. I could only wish that I could strike now...

As if on cue, the General strode into the room, a party of armored humans surrounding him. "Give our prisoner the wake powder, and the painless powder. Be careful. That powder is very valuable: the man who made it is now dead. I want the boy to be able to plead for his life though... it will be entertaining to watch. Now, men. Thats an order!" his harsh command sliced through the air like a dagger.

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