The Forgotten

I don't know who I am. I can't remember anything. Not even my name. But I am being chased by brutal killers... I will probably be dead by the time you read this.


11. Speech

The humans had rechained the kid in a huge stadium, where I watched from underneath the 'stage' , peering through the wooden floor boards. It had taken a lot of effort to get under the raised platform - slipping past gaurds and sneaking around to find a good hiding place. I could see now, through a small hole I had made with my knife, that there was a huge cannon facing the boy. Humans - all in armor - had seated themselves all around the stadium. Now, they were waiting for the General to give his speech. The audience cheered as he walked proudly onto the stage. I felt like shooting him. "Welcome, soldiers of the Human Nation!" he called out loudly. "As many of you know, we have captured one of the rebels who fight against us. We have tried to make him give us information, but he is too stupid to speak. Now, he will learn what happens to those who question the Human Nation. You may know that Alkaron - our best inventor - has made a good many things before an elf slaughtered him. Well, this magnificent cannon was one of them. We have only one of these, and we have not tested it yet. This rebel is a perfect target for our test. Start charging up the cannon!" he yelled, and my eyes were drawn to the weapon designed to take down massive buildings. The one that the boy would have to survive.

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