The Forgotten

I don't know who I am. I can't remember anything. Not even my name. But I am being chased by brutal killers... I will probably be dead by the time you read this.


2. Reflections

I stopped at the lake. My reflection scowled back at me. I closed my eyes, but in my head, I could still see myself there. With tangled blonde hair pushed behind my pointed ears, I had forest elven armour, pale eyes and thin lips. There was a bow over my back, and I had a quiver full of magical elf arrows. I was obviously a female elf warrior. But... wait, how did I know that? I had no idea who I was, yet I had just known I was a female elf warrior. I tried to remember more, desperately searching my mind for memories when all I saw were questions. Suddenly, something moved behind me. Without even realising it, my hand flew to my arrow, the other hand to my bow. I shot at the moving creature, already moving towards it. A below of pain echoed across the land. A deer. I recognised its call. Apparently, elves could do this. My legs cariried me towards the creature. A doe. A helpless, innocent doe. Was I supposed to think like this? Feeling sorry for my victims? Did I even usually hunt animals like this deer? I knelt down beside it, and words automatically escaped my mouth. "Kutear alfon sacaricola. Habef spitiyu teruji hokaria." Instantly, I knew the meaning of the ancient elven blessing. Thankyou for your sacrafice. May your spirit rise to heaven. More remembering! It was so frustrating. I knew exactly what these words meant, yet I didn't know my name! Angrily, I pulled my arrow from the deers neck. My sorrowful guilt for the doe had vanished, and anger had replaced it. "Aaaggghrr!" my frustration exploded from my mouth, and a shadow vulture flock rose from the distant forrest.

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