The Forgotten

I don't know who I am. I can't remember anything. Not even my name. But I am being chased by brutal killers... I will probably be dead by the time you read this.


21. Awakening

It was after a while that either of us could actually bear the strength to get up and leave. We both were weak, almost too weak to carry the boy between us. Since I'd told him about my memory, Ash had been pretty quiet. He'd asked me a few things, like how I knew what to say when I'd fired the enchanted arrows. I'd shrugged, said it was just glimpses of my memory coming back.

As we took the boy into the forest, he bagan to stir, groaning weakly as he came to consciousness, but never truly waking.

"Hey, you think he'll manage to heal?" Ash asked me. I nodded slowly.

"Should do," I replied as we went deeper into the forest. By now, we were about three hours away from the human's fortress, and we'd been travelling in silence for the most of it.

"I think we're far away enough now. Besides, he's waking up," I said, setting the boy down. His eyes were starting to move. And then, in one sudden, swift movement, his eyes flicked open, and he leaped back in alarm. Well, that was an impressive entrance. He'd finally awoken...

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