Differences Collide

Willow has no family. So when an opportunity arises for her life to change for the better and a chance to take revenge on the people who killed her family, she takes it. Soon Willow joins the assassin training camp, and meets people who are different to her. But is that such a bad thing?


2. Kidnapped

…while kicking out unexpectedly into the attacker’s gut.

“Oh please don’t scream. As I will have to gag and tie you up and if you don’t mind I am rather tired so I would prefer not too. If you see what I mean.” A sickly sweet voice muttered muted in her ear. By the gasping wheezes that he was making, no doubt she had winded him pretty badly. To her disgust Willow could feel a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth and a small flutter of pride bloom inside her at the thought of being able to take on an assassin. Single handledly.

“Get out of my room!” Willow snarled, prepared to attack at the slightest show of resisting by the assassin who had unsuccessfully endeavoured to kidnap her while she was supposedly sleeping.

With hair dishevelled from sleep, Willow no doubt appeared as if she had recently been dragged awkwardly throughout a barbed hedge backwards – and had not gone peacefully. But Willow was not an individual to be concerned about her looks and in fact she rather fond of it – the hairstyle gave her a lunatic, manic façade-perfect for alarming wounded assassins. “If you refuse I will protect myself – I may not be great at using weapons – and end up putting my life on the line of danger as well in the process, but at least I will be safe from you!” He just gaped. However that was not the correct move to choose. One of Willow’s most unpleasant hates was being the centre of attention and seeing as she was always an early riser (always had, always will) she was wide awake to make a grouchy, tetchy comeback.

With extreme agility Willow performed a somersault off her bed onto the assassin’s unprepared shoulders. Nimble as a fox she leapt off and with a well aimed kick to his chest sent him spinning randomly across the cupboard of a space. As he struggled to regain his balance Willow darted to the other side of the room (about five steps away) and prepared for his next move. The assassin was the first of the two to continue the battle and tried to injure her with a slice from his lethal blade but in the nick of time Willow wove through the gap in his legs appearing on the other side of him. Rapidly, she swiped her leg underneath him, and consequently, when the killer’s legs were taken from beneath him he toppled over awkwardly onto the floor stirring up milions of dust motes, before he began spluttering uncontrollably. Using the assassins distraction to her advantage before he could get up and use his knife against her, Willow forcefully squashed her foot onto his chest in order to compel him to oblige to her will for him to remain spread eagled on the dust enveloped floorboards and not resist.

Elevating her eyebrows in a severe look of incredulity, daring him to contradict her; she hoisted the knife until it was purposefully directed between his eyes – causing them to strain and go cross eyed as he was forced to stare at the deadly point of the knife that revealed Willow meant what she said.

“I said GET OUT!” He still refused to move a muscle. That was the end of the line for Willow’s already teetering temper control. It was as if her temper was an overactive cannon, her self-discipline the stumpy, frayed wire which the assassin had already unintentionally lit as soon as he broke into Willow’s confined room.

However, before Willow could proceed with whatever punishments or blasphemy insults she had on her mind at that moment in time, a deafening yell silenced her rant before it had even begun (but usually people could not get a word in edgeways otherwise) Spinning around hastily, Willow desperately desired to be able to conjecture a plan out of nothingness, but her mind went blank as the twelve year old was overwhelmed, when oncoming assassins with hazardous intentions came after her - but it was already too late. Before she could react, Willow was exceedingly aware of an excruciating lightning bolt of pain rocket through her body from a fierce blow on her temple, and the whole world suddenly went black…

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