Differences Collide

Willow has no family. So when an opportunity arises for her life to change for the better and a chance to take revenge on the people who killed her family, she takes it. Soon Willow joins the assassin training camp, and meets people who are different to her. But is that such a bad thing?


3. Captives

A groan of unbearable pain escaped from Willow’s lips. Events of last night came flooding back all too soon, and it felt as if her mind would burst consequently of overwhelming, appalling memories, which she wished desperately had never occurred. Finally, the grogginess of sleep washed away, and Willow was left with an atrocious realisation. What also came to her was that she suffered from claustrophobia – badly. In sheer panic, desperate to discover an exit she kicked out, not expecting to come into contact with any substance. However, a moan came from somewhere nearby and a gruff laugh followed instantly, as did speech. Curious, Willow pressed her ear against the woollen bag, eager to hear more.

“You’ll have to get used to that you know, that one seems lively” a voice speculated, presumably the companion of the target.

The target snorted sarcastically. "Don’t I know it, that’s the second time she’s done that!” Willow felt rage bubbling up inside her. This was the assassin who had entered her room last night, kidnapped her and was now taking his victim to an unknown destination! Again she felt smug – she had indeed injured him.  

“Call yourself an assassin; you can’t even take a few kicks from a ten-year-old girl!”

Unable to control it any longer Willow exploded “Hey idiots, for your information I am twelve, not ten, twelve!” Suddenly, the sack halted. Roughly Willow was thrown and ended up sprawled awkwardly across the floor. Not taking time to inspect her surroundings, with two fierce (well maybe one) assassins bearing down on her with incredulous eyes, Willow fumbled frantically for her knife. It was gone. Hoping when she was killed they would do it swiftly, Willow braced herself for another attack – but her worrying was pointless.

“Now that I think about it she does look twelve, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, just younger than me, in fact!” It was undeniably the assassin who had deprived her of peaceful sleep the night before. Although, according to the position of shadows that danced in the rays of the moon, it was still the same night.  

A whisper erupted from the younger, assassin one (her assassin) “Why isn’t she asking the time of day?” he asked his friend, “In all those tales from Juan down the street that is the first question every captive asks when kidnapped”  

“Hasn’t Tiago taught you anything?” Assassin two spat with contempt “Never listen to Juan or give away associates names freely, she heard you get inside five hours ago, I bet she can hear you now!”  

They both stared at her and the knowing expression on Willow’s face confirmed assassin two’s suspicions.

After glaring irritably at his companion, assassin two sighed and smiled. No doubt he believed he looked generous and welcoming, but the way he barred his glinting teeth had the opposite affect.  

“Now don’t be afraid, we just want to help you”

Willow released a snort of laughter. “Yeah right, if you wanted to help me you would have left me in my bed!”

“Oh that wasn’t me!” assassin two disagreed. “That was my friend Pablo here”

When Willow glanced rapidly at “Pablo” his eyebrows gave away the fake alias but he composed himself impressively, hiding the lie with a trustworthy mask to grin encouragingly at her.

“Well thank you so much Pablo,” she said drily “But if you don’t mind I will excuse myself from your gracious hospitality and go home”

“Oh I don’t think so,” Assassin two whispered, drawing out at knife to point it at her heart, “You have impressed Tiago with your skills, he sees potential and wants to talk to you, and Tiago always gets what he wants”

Attempting not to confirm to the assassins that they had startled her, Willow drew up to her full height and confidently announced “Lead the way” Without placing his weapon back inside the concealed hilt, assassin two gestured for Pablo to guide her to wherever this Tiago was, and indicated that he would bring up the rear to ensure that Willow would be unable to escape. With her eyes locked on Pablo’s disappearing footsteps, Willow followed to her fate knowing protesting was futile against trained assassins and was abandoned with her thoughts and questions.

Who is Tiago? What skills does he see potential in? Where am I? But most of all:


What are they going to do with me?

But all Willow could do was wait and see...

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