She's a Witch!!

Kathryn Jones life changes when everyone in town thinks she's a Witch.

Will Kathryn survive or will she perish forever.


2. Sinking Ships


Man I am freaking out. There could be a live witch in my house. Maybe in my room. Just then my door flung open and I dived under my covers and screamed. " Kathryn, Kathryn what's the matter honey" few! it was  just Mum. I explained to her about what the school bullies had said and how there was a living witch in our house. "Look you're obviously very nervous about a witch in the house" (mum said after i had been cowarding under my bed for 30 minutes) " so how about you phone up Lizzie and go down to the pier" Lizzie is my bestest friend in the whole wide world, so I immediately said "YES" I just wanted to get out of our demon house.




Down at the pier, Lizzie and I bought everything we could, candyfloss,Gummy bears,Ice cream.  Lizzie immediately suspcted something was up. "Hey Kat is everything OK?  I mean you're acting very strangely and we've been here for 2 hours and all we've done is buy sweets. "Dont you want to go on any rides?" I so wanted to go on the ghost train, but what if the witch was haunting me and grabed me out of nowhere? "No thanks I'm fine,Really", but Lizzie wouldnt give up. After another hour went by we decided to go and play on the beach, we played for ages on the beach, I felt wild and free. Just then Lizzie pointed out a ferry passing by in the distance, I turned around and as soon as it caught my eye the ship hit a rock and sunk into the blue,murky water that people call the sea.

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