She's a Witch!!

Kathryn Jones life changes when everyone in town thinks she's a Witch.

Will Kathryn survive or will she perish forever.


5. It gets out


" YOU'RE A WHAT" Lizzie shouted loud enough for the whole beach, maybe even the whole world to hear. "Shush keep your voice down,I dont want the..." I was cut short at the screams of the people on the beach, frantically people were running and screaming 'she's a witch,she's a witch'. I didnt know what to do,should I go home or should I stay?


When I got home my mum wasnt there. I looked all around and in the garden but she was nowhere to be seen. I figured she heard about me being a witch and fleed the country.Or at least the town. Just then I heard voices outside my house. Who could it be?

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